Recommended Glue That Prevent the Keyboard Rubber Feet From Coming OFF?

Hello keyboard friends. What’s a recommended glue that strong enough but still flexible enough that’ll keep the keyboard rubber feet from coming off? Or is superglue the best way (but superglue is brittle)?

Thank you in advance.

God bless mechanical keyboard users.

Yes, superglue is too brittle sometimes… just go for a type of glue that is commnly used by shoemakers. :+1:

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Thanks. What’s that shoemaker glue called and what brand is the best? Is that the same a rubber cement which is colored amber or yellowish?

God bless.

just pick the cheapest one :sweat_smile: those glues are too OP for this problem

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Could try Scotch-Weld. Looks like a good solution, but I’ve not tried it.

I would personally clean it well (isopropyl alcohol) and put some strong double-sided tape on it. It might fail down the road, but that would be easy to repeat.


I like the double-sided tape option, if only because that tends to be what’s there in the first place and liquid glue is gooey. I think any thin double-sided tape would probably work fine, but if you want to be extra sure that it will stay for a while, you could try banner hemming tape:

This is thin, relatively flat double-sided tape with an extremely strong adhesive meant to stand-up over time and in the elements - so it should do more than fine on a desk. :slight_smile:


Depending on the replacement cost and wear on the board, I don’t think super glue is that bad a choice, really. It bonds well to many plastics, and a low foot like that shouldn’t be experiencing a lot of lateral stresses that would make a brittle adhesive a poor choice.

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Hi, thanks. Which is the stronger adhesive the hemming tape double sided (how thin is that?) or the 3M Scotch Weld or the shoemaker’s glue? I’m ok reglueing it should it come OFF again but the worry is it might get lost and I’d have to find a compatible rubber feet which wouldn’t be original anymore.

Both 3M Scotch Weld and shoemaker’s glue should be stronger than double-sided hemming tape.

Of the two, I think shoemaker’s glue would be better for glueing flexible stuff like rubber and latex but keyboard feets don’t need to be as flexible as shoe soles.

UPDATE: Forgot about temperature. I’ve personally experienced shoe sole coming off partially in really hot weather. Of the three options, 3M Scotch Weld should be most heat resistant.

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