Recommended vendor for custom wrist rest and deskmat?

Hi all,

I’ve tried r/mk and the stickied post, but had no luck with getting a discussion going.

I’m waiting for my GMK Classic Red to arrive and I am feeling very happy with my build so far…
e-white Tofu, l+f U4Ts w205g0 & 105 springs, Deskeys films, clear lubed Duroks V2s, hotswap DZ60ANSI PCB with case and plate foam and brass plate.

But I am trying to find a primary red color wrist rest (resin/acrylic/painted wood, not fussy) and custom sized deskmat (white stitching if possible) for my standing desk which has an odd sized keyboard tray (11x28). Inkedgaming suggested I get the 14x28 and cut it down to size, but worried it’ll look rough.

Hoping I can find some suggestions in the community!
Any help appreciated.



I’m looking for the same thing.


Hey @keyliber

I got no reply anywhere again to this question, but I did make some progress.
In the end I ordered a custom wrist rest from someone who posted a specific design on mech market. I hit them up and asked if they’d commission the simple design. Link to Etsy below.

I also reached out to the guy who made my wooden rest. He was happy to do it, but I’d moved ahead already. Sharing his link as well.

For the desk mat, I’m probably going with InkedGaming

Hope that helps

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My wrist rest arrived from DeskCookies! @keyliber might be worth hitting them up for a commission if you are still looking.

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Ok, thank you. I am thinking about casting my own resin wrist rest, but for the deskmat its hard to DIY something, so InkedGaming looks good.

I’m finding Etsy to be a massive resource for some really cool keyboard stuff. Keycaps, wrist rests, desk mats, you name it.