Remaining Keyboardbelle B-Stock liquidation on Etsy

Seller says these are legit extras being liquidated.


Waaait. Are you burying the lede here? Is @keyboardbelle out of the case printing biz? Is she ok? I remember there was some concern earlier in the year as to her health.


I was wondering the same thing, but didnt want to pry. Last I remember, multiple people had reached out to her and hadn’t gotten a response.


I honestly have no idea I just read about these being legit cases from a Reddit thread. No word on KBB herself :frowning:

These are obviously rejects she didn’t feel comfortable selling, some have notes on them like “layer error” and others have obvious printing flaws, which is why they are so cheap.

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Well, not that cheap. Don’t get me wrong, her cases are the best, both mine are from her and I love them, it’s just that the flaws on these are too glaring to justify the 30 USD price tag, considering they were 50-ish new.


I’m working on adding some teenage help to my shop to reboot, so he’s the teenage help and right now he’s teaching himself online sales by selling my b-stock cases.

He’s got one of my printers setup too and has been practicing 60% prints, so those will be back in the regular keyboardbelle shop soon.



Woohoo, you’re still with us! /wave


I did end up getting COVID in June and a few people in my family got it as well. Only one person in my family ended up hospitalized for a few days, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

My friend’s teenager fits the demographic of keyboard builders in that he’s interested in tech, so I’m letting him use the b-stock funds (he was planning to buy his own 3D printer to practice with). I’m going to let him use Etsy for a little while before eventually folding him into the Keyboardbelle reboot and letting him ship A stock prints.


good to see you’re still around!

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Really glad to hear you made it through all that. Much love to you and yours.

Yay glad you are well

So glad you’re back ! Welcome !

Glad to hear you’re alright!

This is rad! And glad to hear you’re doing ok.

I snagged one of the Etsy stock and have it set up as my hotswap switch tester. It’s really quite a nice sounding and feeling board to use.

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He did a great job with my order. It shipped out quick and was well packed.