Repairing broken USB on H87a PCB

I have a H87a. After unplugging & plugging it in dozens of times, the USB port flexed enough to break the connections leading to the PCB.

Similar to this one:

I’m brainstorming how to repair this issue. Any tips? Is it as simple as finding places to solder a wire to a different place on the PCB from the USB port?

I haven’t unsoldered the keys yet, so no picture of the top side of the USB plug. Hoping to get some ideas before I start work.

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Yikes that’s really really poorly designed with all those holes right in front of the part that sticks out where the connector is unless it’s meant the break away…

Good news is the header with the gnd,d+,d-,5v right there are your USB connections, if you get a breakout and solder it with as short of wires as you can to that you should be okay

I guess with the header there there probably is some intended use case where you snap it off and use the header instead? Still seems pretty poorly thought out to me


Yeah, it looks like the newest version of the PCB has a more sturdy USB, which is good.

A breakout board! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! I will try to find a place which sells those. Thanks! Soldering onto the in-built USB to reconnect it seemed really hard, because the traces are so small.

Adafruit sells some USB breakout boards that have simple 4 pin outs IIRC.

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I believe that’s exactly the intent; hiney’s PCBs go in so many boards that the b.87 USB placement needed to be breakaway to support some of their case designs. Unfortunately, that has ramifications…


Oh yeah, this will be so much easier. It looks pretty straight-forward with these labeled leads on the two PCBs. Thanks for the help!


glad we could help!