Replacing Scroll Lock and Pause / Break


Greetings! This is the official Kono Store account. We have a question for you (making this an ambitious first post).

Which keys would you replace Scroll Lock and Pause / Break with?

Scroll Lock and Pause / Break are extant keys with antediluvian origins. They can be reprogrammed, but that doesn’t save them from being utterly useless to most people in base keyboard configurations. We want to find out which keys / base layer assignments would best replace them. This would mean new legends on most of our keyboards at some point in the future.

Our media key concept (pictured above for roasting) would leave Print Screen as-is (it still has some use), but we’re not opposed to placing it on the function layer by default. The Previous Track function is rarely used, so it wasn’t prioritized. Play / Pause would replace Scroll Lock and Next Track would replace Pause / Break on the base layer.

We’re not concerned about the rest of the function layer, or keyboards with additional dedicated media keys, as all of that will change on a keyboard-to-keyboard basis. This is primarily a way to make “dead” keys useful without reprogramming (while maintaining backwards compatibility with things like Excel) in standard full size / TKL keyboards.

That said, what do you think?


Media keys would be a pretty good replacement, or RGB toggle/mode


We’re thinking about something that would play nice with non-RGB models as well, but that makes sense.


Media keys: Volume Up, Down and Mute is what I’d use them for.


We considered volume up / down and mute as well — there’s a couple situations in which those controls aren’t as useful.

  • External audio controls, such as a headphone amps / studio monitors / surround systems.
  • Incoming VOIP calls / Discord comms while music is playing.

Volume keys also tend to be a very personal keybind. I see people placing them on Fn + Page Up / Down, [ and ], the arrow keys, and a bunch of other spots.

Still very open to the volume key idea though!


Maybe if you want to appeal for wider gamer audiences, you could do Windows-key lock on one of them?


That’s a firmware-side thing — the best way to do that on a WhiteFox / one of our programmables would be a dedicated gaming layer.

We’ll definitely keep that feature in mind going forward, though. Particularly as we work with Hexgears.

It’s likely that the feature would receive its own Fn + key combo or a hold to activate function (hold Win down for 3 seconds to lock / unlock).


Posted it on GH too, but I think you should go for full media keys and ditch the print screen.

Something like this maybe?

Really looking forward to the RE:Type, btw.


I replied over there as well. Pure media keys would kill some functionality that people still might need in Excel, command lines, etc.

Mute ^ Print Screen, Play / Pause ^ Scroll Lock, and Next Track ^ Pause / Break could be interesting though.

Admittedly, the volume keys are prettiest out of the options.


We’re likely going to use Print Screen, Vol -, and Vol +. Those seem to be the most-demanded options from each forum.

They’re also the best options in terms of cross-OS compatibility.


The very first mech I had, a Ducky, had a few dedicated keys above the numpad to launch the calculator and to open file explorer/My computer. I still miss those


I like this