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Good Morning Everyone!

Restocks of the LS-84 in that old standard, Blaque Magique, and we have a surprise for those of you who prefer lube with a splash of color – looking at you, Sagitarii – we’ve got The Lubing Dutchman, bringing those Nederlandse vibes, Ectoplasm, in case you’re feeling otherworldly, and of course, Purple Rain, our first homage to the great one. All new colors come slightly transparent so that nothing can sneak up on you while you’re focused on your task (provided you don’t sit with your back towards the door like some kind of noob.)

Krytox 205 G0, TriboSys 3204, and TriboSys 3203 RESTOCK coming this Tuesday! :o


The LS now comes in sizes 12, 24, and 48! In case you want to lube less than 84 switches and empty space makes you uncomfortable.

On top of that, we’re announcing METATRON’S switch openers and THE CLAW.

Of course, Levias are always in stock at EGK, home of the Levias. We also have stock of TriboSys 3204 and plan to restock with all lubricants in the following weeks.

Get yours while supplies last!

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