Retro space-ish looking keyboards?

Hey friends,

I’m looking to find mechanical keyboards that fit a retro space aesthetic, e.g. the aesthetic of movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey. I’m looking for mainly light aluminum colored boards with larger bezels, similar to the silver Class 65 (MM Studio) or the RAMA KOYU Mist. For example, while Graystudio’s Space80 and Space65 have a very distinct space aesthetic, they are a notch too modern looking for what I’m looking for. The 2022 Mode Eighty would also fit the look, unfortunately it’s not available in that light aluminum color.

Do you know of other keyboards that fit this retro space aesthetic?

Thank you!


Not that it helps you find one that’s available, but something like the HB-85?


I’m not sure about any for sale at the moment, but a few come to mind that have run in the past.

I think the Saturn 60 looks NASA as heck:

Then there’s the Mercury Rocketeer - technically styled after a typewriter but hey:

And then there’s this thing, the Cyberboard:

The LED matrix panel on the back reminds me a bit of something you might see on a computer panel in 2001.

The chonky aesthetic reminds me of space program stuff in a similar way to the Saturn 60; designed to physically outlast its intended use-life by an order of magnitude.

Even though it’s directly patterned after the Tesla Cybertruck, I think the Cyberboard resembles the look of very early terminal / console keyboards like this one:



Ungodly Design Luna:

They often appear on Mechmarket.

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Thank you so far for the suggestions, they’re great! I completely forgot about the Cyberboard, which definitely has a retro space look to it (at least when the LED matrix is not set to unicorn puke). Wish I’d would have slightly thicker bezels on the front though.

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I didn’t know this even existed until today and now my world is somehow less colorful knowing I missed out on it.

I also really want a Saturn 60.

I so dig the retro-space aesthetic.


I want the fridge Saturn too

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Oh man that Cyan blue is fantastic. Ugh. In the feels.

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