Revealed: IBM Model M3 & M6 laptop buckling sleeves keyboards

Hey all!

This is my long-awaited follow-up to the IBM Model M4 article I released back in July! This one talks about the Model M3 and M6 that preceded and succeeded the M4s in the portable computer space. Using the same buckling sleeves switches, you could consider these IBM’s ‘last stand’ before giving in to rubber domes and scissor-switches on laptop keyboards.

This has been many months in the making and I really hope you enjoy it! I know these keyboards themselves won’t be interesting to everyone, but for the sake of documentation and presenting their mark on history, I hope you can appreciate the goal of the article at least. Especially, I wanted to figure out exactly how many IBM portables used these keyboards, and it turns out, more than I thought… and even laptops from other companies used these.



Thanks again to Jack @, photos and information on the IBM ThinkPad 510CS keyboard has been updated!