[Review] Aula (Leobog) Wind F87 - Best prebuilt TKL I've encountered to date. Ready to go out of the box


Sound Test:

Hope you enjoy and a lovely weekend to everyone!


Thanks, always good to know what the decent prebuilt options are.

I have some AULA / LEOBOG Matcha-Axis [browns] from a year or so ago. They are pretty decent.

Do you think that they have a “light tactile” offering with something like those switches?

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I’ve only had a chance to try their IceSoul tactile switches and I’d rate it light to medium with a 45g spring weight.

I did a quick review of them during this build:

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Those Ice Soul certainly sound interesting. Like long-pole POM Browns. [Of course, AKKO makes those to near-perfection.] They’re definitely different from the ‘Matcha-axis’ tactiles, since those were not long-pole.

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