(Rgb)Lighting on my Keyboard PCB

Hey! I am currently making my own Keyboard PCB and I would like to add per-key-backlighting and underglow to it, but I don’t exactly know how to do it. For the underglow I would like to use SK6812(Mini) rgbw leds because of the clean white color. I know you can daisy-chain them together and only use one pin on the MCU. That’s important for me because I already have several pins occupied for my switch matrix(6rows / 15columns + 3 pins for a rotary encoder). I don’t know how I can implement that + Backlighting with no pins left :pensive: I would appreciate any help regarding that problem.

Underglow should be possible if you sacrifice an indicator led like scroll lock?

I haven’t had time dive into the Apollo 87h PCB but it looks pretty cool and has a separate chip to control the LEDs. Since it is open sourced you can download all the files to see how LEDs were implemented.

Thanks! :pray: I will see how I can use this.