Room Reorganizing: Because crowdsourcing is fun

Hi friends;

Like many of you, I have a small room. For people with small rooms, we know it’s a consistent battle of optimization.

I’m working on improving my room space even more, but they say 2 heads is better than 1. I figure, what’s more than two heads? Crowdsourcing :sunglasses:

Notes: The Ottoman in the upper right is actually blank space; for some reason this website’s tool didn’t let me add/change wall geometry. The door is accurate. Everything is roughly to scale

My room in the current configuration:

My current plans are to replace the northmost desk with a 5 shelf organizing rack such as one of these

I would have a very large bottom shelf for my computer, and a very large standing height shelf for an incoming 3d printer. The remaining shelves would be sized however works best to fit camera gear, tools, and misc. 3d printing stuff.

As an additional note, there is about only 30" between the south desk and that closest shelf. South of my bed is a small gap. At the moment I keep boxes back there with random stuff, but might get a corner shelf of some kind.

The two shelving units in the lower left corner are okay, but I might move shelf A to where shelf B and C are, and replace A with another of the same shelf I was thinking on the north wall.

The final result would look something like either…

Option A:

Slamming the north shelf leftwards and having space for shelf B. This leaves less access for items on the left side of the new north shelf, but still allows me to add shelf B for additional things.
(That’s shelf C on the lower left)


Option B:

Leaving the corner for awkward sized things storage, or my portable AC unit, also tripods and light stands. This leaves the whole north shelf easy to access, with an ‘open’ area in the corner for long and pointies.
(That’s shelf C on the lower left).

What do you all think? Any other ways I could potentially improve my layout?

My desk is where it is at for video creation/streaming purposes.

Where are all my clothes and dresser and whatnot?
It’s actually behind the south wall; but that space is all clothes or storage for other stuff, so it’s basically “inaccessible” as far as this room goes. This is also a huge restriction as I basically can’t cover the south wall since I need to access my clothes :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re also in the same situation as me; feel free to post your layouts!


Since the ottoman isn’t real, I would look into how feasible it is to move the move the shelves behind the door (or maybe cabinet A/C). It could give you a little bit more options with other furniture.

Alternate horrible ideas: Murphy Bed, Loft Bed or downsizing belongings

Good luck that is tight.


Room optimization! It’s one of my favourite things to do now since I’ve gathered a huge collection of keyboards and switches.

If I had to choose between Option A and Option B, I’d go with Option A as it looks to be the more efficient solution.

I can only justify Option B if you really need the easy access to the north shelf or if you actually need the open space to put stuff in. Otherwise, you can always place ‘non-essential’ items in the north shelf and place the more important things on the other shelves.

I bought this shelf with wheels on it and it makes cleaning easier. It’s useful if you move your shelves frequently too.

Another suggestion is this funky little thing to fill in any other spaces you may have. Useful for lighter objects.

Additionally, you can get yourself one of these for even more storage underneath your bed.

Just throwing out my suggestions here in case you haven’t considered them yet :slight_smile:


Despite all the time I spent with 3D Home Organizer programs on my dad’s DOS machine, an interior designer I am not.

Every time I hear or read the phrase “two heads are better than one” this song immediately blasts in my mind:

Two Heads are Better than One by Power Tool (pseudonym)

Apparently it was written for the film - which makes its raunchiness even weirder than if it were an existing track slapped on the end credits.


Unfortunately changing beds isn’t in the cards :frowning:

So the north shelf will also double as a standing desk for projects; which is why I’m trying to decide between A and B.

A is definitely more efficient in pure storage; but I slightly concerned about how that might change the setup “as a table” so to speak. Although I think it comes down to how I’d use the ‘stand up desk’ portion.

Afaik, the biggest thing that’ll be on a standing-desk-height shelf is a 3d printer, so maybe Option A would work better since I don’t need a “full” desk. My actual desk is the middle(ish) of the room one.

I could always start with option B, and then scooch it in later if I want the extra shelf for more space :thinking:

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This sanity of this option will depend on how much open space you’d like in the middle of your room / alongside your bed, but this could be an efficient setup:

Key: Green = storage/standing desk, Red = desk, Blue = bed


Go upwards ! Take the bed towards the ceiling, organise a desk under the bed, add more storage !!



Don’t u have any windows?

What about removing your closet doors and downsizing everything in there. If you’re like me, you have two sets of clothes; stuff you wear a lot and the rest are mostly seasonal or occasional. I would fold and store all your everyday clothes in bins under your bed, and move everything else to a hallway closet or something.

This will reallocate some leg room which might be enough to move A, B, or C into. I’d try and get as much stuff as I could away from your door to help alleviate the feeling of having to navigate around stuff right when you enter. Just a thought.

The open space is pretty misleading. Without too much effort, I could reach the current north desk and current center of the room desk when standing between them quite easily.

That setup you proposed is quite interesting, but unfortunately I don’t know if I’m skinny enough to fit that lol.

Also tripods don’t balance on beds the best, but :thinking:this is certainly an interesting idea.

I’ll have to play around with my measurements to see if I could make this work

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Window as marked; I swear I don’t live in a jail cell


I have already removed my closet doors; in my old TWIK videos, my closet area is what is behind my grey backdrop :joy:


Would a shelf with the 3d-printer fit behind the door? :thinking:

By behind, do you mean position A, B, or C?


The ottoman space a?

Or is that a wall

would this work?


Ottoman is the hallway; my room has that “indent”, but the program I used wouldn’t let me model the room in any way but a rectangle. It’s like a rectangular bite was taken out of the corner of my room.

Hmmm; very possibly; I might move the desk more towards the east in that setup (for filming purposes), but that does look like it has potential. Seeing this makes me thankful my bed has smol wheels.

@skepp’s arrangement is pretty nice


Agreed @skepp arrangement seems nice on paper and you can have room to move.

It would be a shame in all this furniture moving if anything were to befall you squeaky stool chair…

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