Rymek or Mercury Rocketeer?

Does anyone have any comparative thoughts on Rymek vs. Mercury Rocketeer ? Rocketeer just launched on massdrop, and Rymek is on indigogo.

Well, the Rymek costs a lot less on the face, and is wireless. I was also pretty shocked with how little they were charging for the keycaps ($10 for a full set? Really?). With that being said, I have to wonder where all the cost-savings are coming from. My guess is economies of scale, since over 3000 people have backed the product, but I can’t shake the felling that the final product will end up being / feeling cheap.

The Rocketeer, on the other hand, could cost hundreds more, depending on the options you pick. I don’t think the price is unfair (especially for the custom case, keycaps, PCB, etc), but it is still more of an investment. Aesthetically, I think the Rocketeer looks better / more distinct, but that comes down to personal preference. The Rocketeer also isn’t wireless, so there’s that.

Between the two, I’d probably go for the Rocketeer, but I could see why the Rymek is still compelling…


I also personally like the enthusiast appeal of the Rocketeer… Aluminum case, programmable and hotswap pcb…
Just wanted to get the general opinion and anything else I might have missed…

I do like the integrated iPad stand on the Rymek… Sort of like the notch on the CA66

For my taste they are both a little too on the nose with the retro styling. I would much prefer something that pays homage without just trying to make a replica.


I adore the Rocketeer and joined the drop this morning, although I totally get how the style might be too much for some.

I don’t think I could use it as a daily driver (especially with SA caps), but damn do I think it’s pretty. I imagine both of these would get uncomfortable typing on for extended periods. Bluetooth is more of a nice to have for me, and can get annoying if not implemented well. I’d rather take the time savings of hot swap sockets, and swap in Box Navys or Royals instead of the Cherry/Gateron Blues you get with the Rymek.

Rocketeer is decent value at the price, but so is the Rymek. Again, as an enthusiast I’d rather pay extra for the die-cast, powder-coated aluminium body and brass plate, than spray painted ABS. That by itself is going to make the Rymek feel cheaper to most. I’d lean towards the Rymek if I had to carry it back and forth between home and work, though.

Hard to say what the typing feel will be, but I wouldn’t buy either of these if that was a big concern. The Rocketeer’s SA keycaps and metal case is probably going to sound better than the shallower keys of the Rymek. SA takes a bit of getting used to for most, but the Rymek will probably take even longer.

I do feel like you could swap the keycaps of the Rocketeer without losing too much of the aesthetic appeal, which I don’t believe is true for the Rymek - the custom keycaps are too big a part of the design.

Anyway, if I was looking for a portable keyboard to use with my mobile devices as well as my PC/Mac, I’d get the Rymek and save a couple of bucks. If I was looking for something that felt premium and has the flexibility that enthusiasts expect, I’d get the Rocketeer. I wouldn’t get either if I needed to type at length on it.

I am an SA user - I like the profile, but totally get it that its too tall or uncomfortable for some/most.

I’m really in love with the rocketeer design, the only thing I am a bit concerned about is that if Id keep hitting the edge of the case when going for the top row. Also if the bottom row was a little less exposed, I’d have liked that. Then there is the color - This might have been more flexible with other caps if there was a white, glossy piano black or matte space grey versions. The sea foam green is great and goes well with the caps, but I feel it limits the flexibility.

Don’t get the Rymek, its super cheap, there are ton of keebs like that. The rocketeer is quality.

Well, they made nice videos where it does not look cheap,
and if they want to sell to a broad audience that counts.

Marketing weights more than brass. :wink:

As a designer, I like the Rocketeer better. It’s interesting the cases will be cast aluminum (?).

QMK firmware is a big selling point as well, at least for me.

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Yulp! “Powder-coated die-cast aluminum frame” is one of the selling points.

Also, yeah, I wouldn’t sneeze at re-programability. The ability to hot-swap switches is definitely a plus, too.

Honestly, I was ready to grab one for myself until I read in the discussion that they were considering making an orange one down the road. Since I like orange better, and since I certainly don’t need two of these keyboards, I figured I would wait.

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