SA-P caps on Pimpmykeyboard soon!

These bois look thiccc! Legends look great. 7u spacebar added, but strangely no tsangan mods. hmm…

Anyway, looks like a nice new product coming to market soon.


SP has been killing it lately!

I’m stoked for this even though I don’t normally use SA. The fact that they split up alphas, 60% modifiers, TKL modifiers, and ortho mods kits makes me super happy. This will probably be the cheapest I’ve ever been able to cover my custom layouts with correct legends. :smiley:

Hopefully they decide to fix/improve the molds on their other profiles (DCS PLS).

I think this is a good step for them. General improvements on aged molds is a yay.

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Oof, these do look nice. I have yet to try SA in PBT so this set is tempting, but the fact they don’t have tsangan mods is almost a deal breaker for me. I wonder what is up with that, if they do not have moulds in SA-P for 1.5u R3 keys at all or if they just don’t have them or haven’t used them yet? I can’t see them not having them at all considering how long they have been working with the community, but who knows. The omission of tsangan mods from this set is a curious move for sure.

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Are these older moulds that got fixed up though? On the site it says this will be the first set produced with the SA-P tooling so I was assuming it’s all new moulds, but maybe I misunderstood what they meant.

You’re right, these aren’t the older molds that got fixed, but I assume that these new molds were based off the original molds. I’m hoping that other molds they have (DCS in particular) get that same treatment where they can have some new molds that were based on the originals.


I have the original Industrial set and it is nice, but I never liked the way the gaps between the caps looked too big. You can, indeed, tell where they shrink and it didn’t look so hot. I’ve still held on to them after all these years though, because I liked the feel and sound of the PBT in sa profile. And no one has mentioned yet, but these are actually sculpted! The original industrial set was all R3.

I’ll be picking up a new set and trying to sell my old set for sure. Just really bummed that they don’t even have split right shift/func option.

Also, big props to whoever is creating the product pages now. The photos are a LOT better. I also really enjoy their instagram posts.

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Input Club is apparently also starting a new line of SA height (a bit shorter) PBT keycaps. I think solarized dark is the first set. Nice to see PBT getting some more love!

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We’ll see how they turn out. I would say I have no hope for PBT since I can’t seem to get a set of cherry profile PBT that actually works on my stabilized keys, but my MT3 sets are perfect. So, maybe it is possible :slight_smile:

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Yeah I was quite happy with my MT3 dev/tty set and I’m quite excited for MT3 Godspeed. I’d pick these up in a more fun colourway but industrial doesn’t do it for me.

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Yep, can’t wait for my Godspeed MT3 to arrive!

I’m sure they’ll do their Ice set next

Ooh, these look cool. My first set of aftermarket keycaps were the original PMK SA Industrial Caps, which were also PBT. The original set had an R3 Uniform profile throughout, though.

I was wondering if anyone knows of SA-P Row 3 profile keysets in the IC stage. Looking to buy a good uniform profile set.

not that I have heard of. As far as I know, the new SA-P molds are sculpted. I don’t think they have an all R3 profile for their SA PBT anymore.

SP has said they are going to do their Ice caps in this profile next (black on white)