SA Profile "Standard Sets"

This looks like a new offering from SP?

  • Build your own layout using standard color offerings
  • Pre-order with what looks like 4-week turnaround
  • They’re expanding color options and open to color suggestions
  • Dye-sub PBT

Pretty cool all around if you’re into sculptured SA.


This is great!

You can even have French layout :slight_smile:

This is a very nice thing what SP just did !

Rip pricing for anyone running something the least bit non-standard. Pricing in cart for a 96key is $222. Sure it’d be cheaper if you dgaf about legends, but then what’s the point.

It hurts a bit indeed…
But still it is a good start, with the hope prices could lower a bit in the future.

With so much family and friends asking for good AZERTY keycaps, well at least there is a solution now…
I may take the bite for one set just to check.

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True, I hadn’t priced anything out, but it looked the same to me as other SP sets? What’s the price range for kitting a 96-key usually?

They’ve had this offering since January, I believe. I asked them to consider a nice beige option or even the colors used in Granite. Also asked if they would think about offering the winter white from Un-Alice. They basically said no. :slight_smile:

But maybe if more people ask!

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So the big thing looks to be the $54 “Alt” kit that I really only need for the 1.5u bottom row and some R1 nav keys, both of which are normally at least in a 65% kit of some sort, but here they make stuff like the TKL/60%/65% kits super sparse.

Ohh, I see.

I wish that doubleshot would be available.

I’m guessing they aren’t doubleshot since they are PBT. Apparently, getting doubleshot right in PBT is really difficult and much more expensive since twice the molds have to be created.

Yes. And they just made new molds for PBT last year, so it will probably be a while until they invest further.

no 7u bar?

You can buy blank 7u spacebar for 8$

But are those not abs? I guess you would have to do individual keys for the same colored pbt bars.