SA Violet on Cream GB

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Any chance at all the kit might include a mod colored | ?

Damn, now that you point it out that’s kind of annoying that it doesn’t. I can live with that though for the overall compatibility is quite good.

Plus: technically it’s not a modifier anyways…

Rip, no 1800 support kills it for me since I literally only own 96key with 1800 style layout.

Edit: Also kinda surprised that something like this isn’t being run through Maxkeys. SP’s only real benefit is niche layout support, which this doesn’t really have aside from very basic ISO, so you’re paying the SP tax for not a whole lot of benefit.


Yeah I know. I just hate the look on any keyboard smaller than TKL.

Yeah. I like it more aesthetically when it matches the mods too.

There is a very noticeable difference in finish on my MaxKeys sets as compared with my SP sets. Of course there are other reasons to like MaxKeys, like the lower prices and presumably shorter production times, but generally speaking I’ll take SP over MaxKeys every time. That said, if going with MaxKeys might have let this come in at $100 (like say SA Royalty) instead of $150, that alone might be a great reason to do it.

Looks like this set is going to be updated with a few more keys shortly and will not affect price. Mike said the update should come soon!

Apparently this group buy is ending today. Can anyone tell me if it has a 2u shift?

EDIT: I was on mobile and couldn’t see the image with all of the keys closely. Doesn’t look like it has a 2u shift, but I guess I could use the + from the numpad in a pinch

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there is a maxkeys variant that looks similar but not as good imo.