Sandwich Alignment Chart

For this is the real debate of the century.

Where do you fall on the Sandwich Alignment Chart and why?


Yum, sandwiches are my favorite food group. Structural Purist/Ingredient Rebel for sure. I’m assuming this is how the McGriddle came to be. It’s basically eggs and bacon wrapped in two pancakes.

this took a lot of thinking from me, but I think I would have to go with structural neutral ingredient rebel

I’m pretty loose with my definition, but I think it needs to have two sides, idc what’s inside

I’m probably true neutral. Also, I didn’t know chip butty was a commonly known item; it’s so unhealthy :sweat_smile:

Hmmm, wouldn’t that be Structural Neutral? Pancakes aren’t bread/baked as far as how I make them :thinking:

Wait. Then again, pancakes are a type of flat bread technically so I guess it still counts as a bread?..

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Structural Neutral x Ingredient Purist

Wraps and hotdogs are their own thing (like hamburgers), don’t really consider any type of ice cream a sandwich (even ice cream sandwiches), dough pocket-type foods can’t be considered a sandwich (like calzones, empanadas, or khuushuur, otherwise dumplings would be considered a sandwich, among other things).

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Purist on both axes, although in a moment of weakness I might drift to Structure Neutral to allow a proper Italian sub into the pantheon. But I know I’m falling down the slippery slope. Why?

In the tabletop game Poetry for Neanderthals, teams compete in a guessing game in which the object, concept, or phrase on a card must be communicated to your teammate using words of only one syllable. As the game goes on, for the sake of descriptive power, you eventually find that all animals are dogs. A zebra? A tall black and white striped dog! A frog? A green dog that croak! A whale? A huge sea dog that eat krill! Soon enough, the word dog loses meaning completely.

If a poptart is a sandwich, does the word sandwich have any meaning at all?

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But what, then, is a PB&J to a purist? Is there any other way (club, sub, wrap, pocket, etc.) to describe a PB&J other than ‘sandwich’?


Ha! I’d probably argue that peanut butter & jelly fall under the “classic sandwich topping” requirement for Ingredient Purist. I wanted to say it was its own thing, just like a hot dog is a hot dog and an empanada is an empanada, but the expression “PB&J sandwich” is just too commonplace for that approach to fly.

I realize my position now opens the door for chip butties and ice cream to somehow make a play for “classic sandwich topping” status, but I think that hill can be defended.


Chip Butties yes; ice cream… No. Not a traditional sandwich ingredient in any regard. I’m sure John Montagu the 4th would be rolling in his grave if he saw a sandwich of such variety

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