Sanity Check (the pre-interest-check)

Ever had the thought: “does this thing exist? would anyone even buy it?” and maybe google isn’t entirely helpful but you want the wisdom of the crowd? Yeah, this is for that.

I’ll kick it off: Does anyone make artisan cables with magnetic interchangable tips, preferably with the option for a coiled cable? Seems like that would be a great product. sort of like this, only not crappy.


I routinely use these types of cables for my USB C and USB Micro boards.
They work good in my experience. Plus, they do not wear the ports out.

Have you tried to source the actual magnetic connectors?


Funny you mention this. We are developing a designer magnetic USB connector. The idea is something more beautiful and more jewelry like compared to the aviation connectors that dominate the scene.

Ours will also be just a magnetic click together. Is this what you had in mind?

Rectangular model

Lenticular model