Satisfaction75 typing test with lubed milky gateron cap browns


Did you re-lube them or just keep the factory lube?

I have really been liking the switch, it is just a little slow on the return compared to something like Pewters.

Not sure I want to spring swap at this time though to improve on that.

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I did lube them, but even with lube they are slightly scratchy compared to pewters. All my milky switches have been a touch scratchy, but I like the musicality of the noise they make.


My original plan was to put stock CAP Milky Browns on a modded MK870.

However, after testing, right now my otherwise unused RAKK Lam Ang Pro is going to get them, along with MT3 keycaps.

CAP Milky Browns sound kinda like hand-lubed switches out-of-the-box, at least compared with Cherry. But they are Browns - same rounded, limited bump, just less scratchy and more distinct. The heavy keycaps tamp them down to Cherry-level.

The Golden Browns need a little lube near the leaf-area. They become a little milder than the stock Milky Browns that way. I think that is a serious candidate for either the MK870 or an NCR-80.

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