Saturday Vibes with my HHKB


Trying to improve my keyboard photography game. Got me some blanks still getting used to them. :grin:


HHKBs somehow always look good. Digging the spacebar color and cable.


This guy loves his HHKB:




Where did you order those blanks (and that cool cable)?


Aren’t those just the stock blank HHKB keycaps?


The blanks are the stock ones that come with type s. The cable I got from Winnja.




Do these blank keycaps look as good as yours (from If so, I might order them.


Those are the exact keycaps.


Thanks! I’ll buy them.


No problemo!


Yeah those are it but to be honest you may get them a lot cheaper on mechmarket. I got mine off of an even trade but I’ve seen them go for 25-35 USD.


Thanks very much for that $$ saving tip. I’ve been spending way too much on keyboards because I’m a newbie just starting out, so I’m trying to build a small collection to play around with. I just received 2 keyboards last week, a HHKB S and a RealForce 87U. Both have white printed keycaps, but I find that I need blank keycaps to really get used to a board and all the shortcut keys I use to develop Android apps.


This hobby can get pretty expensive very quick. However I find that doing some research and seeing as many comments on a particular item will make you feel good about your purchase. I’ve bought a Keycool KC64 on a whim and regretted the purchase as I started finding out all the issues with the firmware after the fact. My advice is to stalk mechmarket for a couple days I’m sure you’ll find something.


Is the quick connector just for convenience or for looks? In my case, I’m connecting to a laptop so I’m not sure that the quick connector would really be any more convenient than just plugging/unplugging usb cables with no connector.


In all honesty it’s just for aesthetic


I’m a bells and whistles person, so I get it. And, it looks a lot cooler than a plain cable, so I will likely get mine that way too.


It’s 99% aesthetics for me, 1% function on the off chance I get a second keyboard with USB Type-C and another set of matching keycaps :stuck_out_tongue: but SA Godspeed is starting to become as rare as hen’s teeth :cowboy_hat_face: