School-/ Travel-Layout

Hello guys,

I just want to collect some feedback regarding this layout, that I have made. It is intended to be used for school/ travel but you can use it wherever you like.
The layout features a 40% form factor with split space-bar, an added numpad on the left side and a row of macro keys on the right.
Going forward I would like to design a PCB and a case.

I would love to hear any improvements that could be made.

Thanks in advance.


I love how long it is but that also makes it kind of impractical for most people to carry around I’m their bags. Personally it wouldn’t bother me but I also have a gigantic laptop that weighs like 15 pounds.

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Thanks for your opinion.
I know that it’s longer than most ‘travel’ keyboards but I think it will fit in most backpacks regardless.

I like the aspect ratio, the left-handed num pad, and the split spacebar. I would immediately remap the four Macro keys to be things like dedicated tilde / backtick keys and probably change a bunch of the other default mappings, but I think there are just the right number of keys to do what I want.

If you were to do an IC on a PCB for this with either Holtites or Kailh hot-swap sockets, I’d sign up. The lack of cases for this form factor is a bummer but not a deal-breaker. It’s a wide design, but putting the numpad on the left means that it’s not encroaching on the desk space for the mouse for those who (like me) are left-handed but mouse right-handed.

An interesting design! Thanks for sharing!

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For what it’s worth Specialeemade makes custom bags to order. I’ve got one that fits the TMO50 and that’s a weird layout as well.

Thanks for your interest and thoughts. I already thought about implementing hot swapping.
Regarding the case I haven’t decided yet. Either a sandwich style case with multiple materials to choose from or a proper CNC aluminium or wood enclosure.

I heard about their good quality too

I like it a lot! I got permission to work on a PCB for /u/BubaThePig’s keyboard, which can be found here, the layout is very similar. I want to call it the Smallpaw

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Wow thanks a lot. It looks very nice. The case is amazing too

I love the southpaw numpad, and with the keeb being long and thin it should be nice and easy to fit into a bag / backpack etc. You could prob even find a nice pencil case that it would fit in. I for one would def buy a PCB or kit or two if you do run with this :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the support. I will try to finish the PCB this week and work on the case afterwards. The pencil case is an amazing idea.

Thanks for all your feedback. A guy on my Instagram proposed a change of the Row 2 and I just wanted to hear your guys opinion on the topic.

  • Caps lock/ Control: 1.25u + Enter 2.00u (‘normal’ staggering of W,A,Z)
  • Caps lock/ Control: 1.5u + Enter 1.75u

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