Scraping stabilizers help please

Hi! I recently bent steel plate and pcb by screwing them too hard. After that some stabilizers started to have scraping sound and feel also more rattle and ping. Especially backspace had issues. I managed to straighten my plate which did help a but not fully. Now i have heavily scraping shift and other stabilizers start to scrape after some key pressing.

The plate is not an issue anymore however i have warped pcb which i guess i can’t simply fix with vise as i did with a plate. What can i do about it?

I wanted to attach a link to a video but sadly it is not allowed here

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As long as the plate is straightened & the PCB is a solder PCB, you should be able to force the PCB back to straight by installing a few switches on both sides & the middle. Then force the PCB into place while soldering those switches & holding the PCB into place till the solder solidifies. Once you got the PCB straight by that process you can install the rest of the switches & solder them like normal.

However I am wondering if you bent the wires of the affected stabilizers also in the process of overtightening the plate. In that case new wires or a whole new stab would be the quickest & easiest fix.

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I just did as you said with warped pcb. Changed stab wires. Pressed on the edges and soldered 4 corner switches and one center switch. Others were soldered without pressure. However i still found that some of the remaining switches could be pressed just a little bit further with very minimal difference. So i though that it shouldn’t be a problem. But stabs are still scraping.

On the photo you can see the most drastic difference i can find between left and right switch. Could this be the reason for stabs to scrape?


Unless it’s the stabilized switch for the stab that is scraping I doubt that small height difference would matter. It sounds like the plate or PCB is just too warped to be used honestly.

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I made a little tutorial on wire balancing & stabilizer tuning that may be of some help as it shows that even small bends in a spacebar stabilizer wire can affect performance and sound.

I don’t claim to be a pro at it, but I can attest to the fact that since I started putting effort into making sure the wires were as perfect as I could make them, just about any stabilizer I try ends up feeling and sounding great.:+1::+1: