Seattle Meetup details + bonus news!


I don’t mean to overshadow @meniscus’s meetup discussion thread, but I figured it would be nice to have a more “official” thread with all of the details up top. So first of all, if you aren’t already in the loop, here is the official meetup page! It has all the details, but there are a few specific things that I want to call out because they are probably “new” for people who haven’t been following closely.

First of all, dorms! If you want to come to the meetup but don’t want to try to nail down a last minute hotel room or couch, we have some dorm rooms available right next to the meetup venue. One of the perks of hosting with a university :wink:. These rooms are $65/night (available both Friday and Saturday nights) and conveniently located right next to the main meetup, a short walk from workshops, and a bit longer of a walk (though not a bad one) from food and drinks in both the Queen Anne and Fremont neighborhoods of Seattle. This might be especially handy for some last minute folks coming in from our neighbors to the north in Vancouver and our sometimes friends and sometimes frenimies to the south, Portland!

Next up, workshops! We still have some spots open for both our Fourier and Handwired 4x4 workshops. More details about both of those can be found over here

On top of that, some of you might be wondering what you are getting for your ticket or wondering where you can cop one of those sweet meetup tees we had at the winter meetup. Well, the news is out on the shirts, and I certainly think @b-randen hit it out of the park on the design again this time! Here are the previews:

Last but certainly not least, we have the bonus news! The meetup this year will feature our first big partner contest! @jackhumbert of OLKB and @skully of Clueboard are sponsoring a Musical Keyboard Contest. Keyboards (in both senses!) have a long history, and both Jack and Skully have been working to bridge the gap between musical keyboards and computer keyboards, so we thought this would be a really neat and fun contest to fit with that theme. Additional details can be found in the above link.

P.S. As mentioned in the discussion thread, there is a travel guide (that @meniscus is going to help me finish up!) incoming soon that should help people decide how they want to spend the time in our fair city during what is undoubtedly the best time of the year to visit.

Hope to see you all out here in two weeks!


Only a few more days left to book those dorm rooms too! July 17th is our deadline to give our final count and pay for the dorms. So if you’re procrastinating your travel plans, and want a dorm, make sure you don’t wait too long.

And speaking of deadlines, you only have until July 15th to get your preferred size and cut of the t-shirt design above. So if you want to make sure you get a t-shirt in your size, then get your SMKmeetup ticket by July 15th.


And if I weren’t automatically disqualified for being a SMKmeetup organizer, would my piano keyboard be eligible for the contest? It runs QMK.


I would say it would absolutely qualify, but I guess it’s up to @jackhumbert and @skully :joy::joy::joy:


I just booked my flight yesterday. Can’t wait for this!


The contests page now has a link to a registration form, so don’t forget to sign up if you’re interested!


Anyone bringing a Hako Clear board?


Super stoked for the meet up!


Hey, I’m learning KiCad for the first time and I was wondering if there would be anyone experienced enough to answer my basic questions. I think I have the gist down, but I just need to know if I understand everything correctly. If you can provide help, I’ll give you a resulting PCB…I mean, if I can actually pull it off.


There are gonna be a lot of people who use kicad there! Off the top of my head @monkeyplusplus (who may not be here on KT yet) uses it extensively, @skully used to use it a lot but has since moved on, and I think @codingkiddotninja might also use kicad.


I actually use Eagle, sorry that I can’t help!


Awesome. My questions might be broad enough that it doesn’t matter if its Eagle or Kicad. I look forward to another Seattle Meetup…it always a good time.


I don’t live anywhere near Seattle, but I really want one of those shirts! Awesome design :slight_smile:


@b-randen can probably provide more details, but this might just be a thing that can happen later :wink:


L O V E that shirt design. looking forwards to meeting everyone!


Yes, we’re working on a solution to provide shirts to everyone throughout the world that can’t attend our meetups. As a nonprofit, we are planning a t-shirt fundraiser, tentatively for this fall/winter, where we will offer our meetup t-shirts for sale in different colors. More details to come later this year.


Damn, I would be stoked to be able to pick up a past meetup t-shirt design. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for that.




I’m bringing a Heavy-6, Norbaforce, Norbatouch, and my still-in-progress TKL Brief.