Seattle Meetup Discussion


Hi gang,

Let’s talk about all things Seattle Meetup.

  • What boards are you bringing?
  • What are some cool things to do and eat in the area?
  • etc.



Nearby is the Rooftop Brewing Company

They also have food trucks:

Less nearby is the Fremont Brewing Company. They have great beers :slight_smile:


Thanks for getting the meetup talk going! Keep posting food ideas here, but wanted to let everyone know that we will be posting a travel guide, written by @jetpacktuxedo , on the ckeys website (can’t post links here) in the next week or two as well. I’m sure he will link to it here.

Excited to see you all in 18 days!


You can post links here!


It was my first post, so Discourse wouldn’t let me. :smile:


Hihihi! It’s true, I’m working on the tour guide! I live over in Ballard so I’m somewhat familiar with the area. If you want to help me wrap up the travel guide though I’d love a helping hand!

I will also put up a full meetup post in the next day or so with an extra special bonus announcement that we are still putting some finishing touches on.


Woot, I’ll be there! Not 100% sure what all boards I’m bringing, though. Will comment later. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bring all your boards. All of them! We won’t be as limited on space this time. You might think you’re limited by what you can carry, but use a four wheeled cart like @Timzilla did.


I might not have a board on July 28th so please bring more boards to compensate :upside_down_face:


Sure! I can help with what I can but I know very little about the area immediately surrounding SPU


I’ll have many to spare. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have too many boards and they weigh too much to bring them all. But, we’ll see what I can do!


Sorry about that, Brandon. I’ve fixed this for you; you should be able to post whatever you’d like now. Thanks for your diligent efforts on behalf of the community!


Don’t worry! The scope extends far beyond the immediate area :wink:


If you’re localish but driving from far away, don’t forget that we have dorm rooms available for cheap that you can crash in!


Flying in from the bEast coast and I can’t wait to check out Seattle! Two weeks to go! I’m bringing both my boards to the meetup and can’t wait to show off my artisan collection! I hope we have the photo booth this year! I really want to get my picture taken with my favorite community members!


What boards are you bringing?


M65-A and Tric80! I don’t think my Dolinger will be arriving in time for it unfortunately.


Hey guys. Sorry it took so long, but I finally edited together some random footage I took at the meetup. It was such an excellent day.

Thanks for saying hi in person @meniscus, by the way, and for your enormously kind words and support of KeebTalk in general—made my day. :blush: And of course enormous gratitude to @b-randen and everyone else involved in the unenviable and monumental effort in putting on such a perfectly-executed event.

My favorite keyboard of the day was definitely the one with the concrete housing. :heart_eyes: