Serika 2 is now live!

Serika 2 is live on Novelkeys for the US: GMK Serika 2 – NovelKeys LLC

And check out the Zambumon page for other proxies!


:sunglasses:Just the geometries and macro extension for me since I’m a R1 kid

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Personally, I was very disappointed with the change in the geometries kit. I thought the large, bold stroked icons were the best part of the whole set, and the new ones are tiny and thin. It’s off-putting enough for me to pass on the set.

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I appreciate the non-weeb kit, might pick one up this time :thinking: I got the icon mods last time and use them with yolch alphas and it’s :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Definitely a must pick up for me. Thanks for sharing!

Zambumon does not miss.

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