Share your ebay finds!

Feel free to share any cool ebay finds here.

Here are a few that I’ve found recently.

Reuters DK 3000 keyboard - Devlin keycaps|parentrq%3A1d75aa3816a0ab6442ec3618fff7c3de|iid%3A1

DESKO Cherry Doubleshots

Bolt Modded SSK

Alps 64 with SCKM Black alps

White Alps with some cool sublegends


Orange Alps M0116 with BiN option


Model F 3178 USB Conversion

IBM 5576 (wowee that price)


Out of my price range like usual beamsprings, but one is awesome


Prices are just out of any reason… It’s a pity to see that but speculation is everywhere now, even on shitty old boards !

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$550 dollars is just too much to spend for the coolest Alps mount keycaps available.|parentrq%3Ade1060f21760a9e8469e8c0bffc413db|iid%3A1

This one is more reasonably prices, but obviously someone already harvested the keycaps, LOL.|parentrq%3Ade1060f21760a9e8469e8c0bffc413db|iid%3A1

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Some neat ALPS numpads I came across,

I ended up grabbing one of the Glidepoint ones, hoping I can use it with an ADB convertor! I almost grabbed the regular numpad too, but it’s a serial connection & I’d have no ideal how to convert it LOL.


What it looks like when someone is backing out of the hobby :eyes:


That looks amazing

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Damn, the price on that is wild but it is a beautiful board! I wonder if it came stock with the black coating & brass pen rail or if that is an aftermarket coating job? @SharktasticA any ideal if this is a really rare model or just customized?

That is so beautiful. Wouldn’t be surprised if it sells for beamspring levels of money.

Another Symbolics has hit eBay.

And I just like old Commodore stuff, so this caught my eye. It is probably Mitsumi rubber dome, not Cherry :frowning:


It’s aftermarket. OG IBM 4704 keyboards were always painted white/off-white.

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Never seen a keyboard cost that much :astonished: :astonished:

Here’s a couple of wacky finds:


I’m honestly very tempted by this Seafarer Keyboard…

Are there some tried-and-true strategies that folks use to find interesting listings on eBay?

I’m not sure what strategies everyone uses. I just come across these keyboards randomly for the most part.

A couple of keywords I use are “vintage keyboard” and “IBM keyboard” and sorting by either priced highest or newly listed.


Apprantly, this keyboard has clicky ‘green alps’ switches. Seems decently priced too imo, but it’s in the US.


They aren’t actually Green Alps, they are Xiang Min clones:

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Ah, that makes more sense. How do they feel like? Ever tried them?

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