Shark's Wiki - Unicomp New Model M

My new wiki page for Unicomp’s flagship full-size keyboard! The New Model M was released in 2020 as a larger counterpart to then-newly announced Unicomp Mini Model M. Whilst it doesn’t have the Mini M’s updated membrane matrix design or its modular USB cable support, it does make use of new tooling and for the most part replaces Unicomp’s older keyboards made with tooling from the '90s.


love my mini m


I was aware of the New Model F and the related Beamspring M models, but I honestly didn’t know Unicomp was still actively manufacturing boards. Shows what I know. These look nice. Since the case is PC+ABS, I gather the weight comes from what looks like a classic heavy steel plate.

Honestly I feel like we’re all always wondering how they still actively manufacture keyboards lmao


Have you found (or made) a good replacement for the stock lock-light LED overlay on this keyboard?