Sherbet switches?

Anyone use sherbet switches? How do they compare to box switches and other clicky switches? Are they worth it?

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Discussion here:

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Theyre very similar in feel to kailh speed navy switches, and are effectively a light version of that switch, as jades are to box navy. They have a bit more of a tactile/sharper bump than box switches imo (compared against navy/jade). If you like speed navies these are a good lighter counterpart switch. They definitely have the clickbar feel and sound as well.

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Thanks! I can’t imagine using something MORE tactile than jades. I feel like I’ve been typing with little jackhammers on my fingertips after extended periods of typing on jades. Same with royals :slight_smile:

Yeah, If jades are too tactile for your preferences, you probably wont like sherberts all that much. They’re fine switches, but I personally prefer the navies; the heavier spring seems to accentuate the click bar noticeably more for me. I like that jackhammer feedback lol. Are you just looking for something thats really clicky but with less tactility?

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I actually like clicky switches a lot (buckling springs, zealiostotles) and I was surprised when I didn’t “love” jades. I like jades but they were the upper limit for me. I actually wanted to try navies but the jades scared me off. Until I used royals, I didn’t think there was such a thing as too tactile.
I guess it’s not the tactility, it’s more the harsh bottom out. I’ve got some pinks here that I haven’t put into a board yet. Hoping those will be perfect. I also would like to try noble yellows.

I thought navies were like the coolest thing ever for like 5 minutes and then realized how harsh they felt and that my fingers got tired really fast when using, and then I found out that they were probably going to break my keycaps and never went back.


Yep, pretty much sums up my experience with BOX thick clicks too. Although I will say while the Navys & Jades do seem a little too extreme for everyday usage IMO, I do see the merits in BOX Whites & other clickbar switches with normal weighting/clickbar. I am not a clicky fan, but I would prefer those over any regular click jacket switch.

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I think all of these heavy and sharp tactile swithces would be amazing for things like shop keyboards (where the user might even have gloves on) and macro pads. But yeah, not my thing for every day typing.