Shift button also pressing 9

I’ve just built my very first keyboard and everything is great… except for one issue. When I press the left shift key, it also types a 9. I confirmed this in a keyboard tester. Is this just an issue of configuration, or is there possibly something wrong with my pcb? Thanks in advanced.

DZ60 hotswap

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Did you test the keyboard on another computer? Can be different things: faulty driver, faulty keymapping, faulty pcb.

Though your’s is not a typical symptom of this issue, did you use screw in stabs & make sure to insulate their screws from the PCB. Also did you insulate the standoffs of the case from the PCB? Any metal touching any exposed traces/holes on the PCB will cause a short & things like whole columns or single keys not working will happen because of that.

This. Make sure the traces aren’t in contact with any other metal.

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I figured this might this could be an issue. Where can I find insulators small enough for the stab screws/standoffs?


I just use electrical tape myself, doesn’t look the best, but no biggie unless you have a clear case you can see through the bottom of.

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just use some tape. Electrical tape is good but even masking tape will do the job. put a piece over the hole before you screw in the stabilizer or put a small piece on the metal standoff of the case and poke a hole

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You know, if you wanted to get really fancy, they have liquid tape that you can paint on that is non-conductive.

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Or order these from Amazon (insulating fiber washers)

Would the tape need to be placed on the front or back of the pcb? I assume the top preventing the screw from touching the pcb’s face?

Actually, first thing to do would be to test the PCB outside of the case with the stabilizer screws removed. If it still acts up, then tape won’t solve the issue.

If it works outside of the case, got back to insulating with tape on the back (the side that has the hotswap sockets) of the PCB before screwing in the stabilizers. Also, check near all of the mounting holes for where the hotswap sockets may be coming in contact with the metal posts once screwed into the case. Put tape around anything metal that looks like it might touch the metal of the case.

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Update: removed it from the case and unscrewed all stabs. Even tried changing out the switch. Issue still persists. I really hope it’s not the pcb. Is this ever really an issue?

I noticed that it only activates the 9 when I “tap” the shift, but not hold or long press. That has to mean something right?

EDIT: solved the issue. Turns out I needed to flash my keyboard.

Thanks all for tying to help!


Glad you got it fixed!

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