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you may not like it, but this is what peak male performance looks like


My country, Croatia, just beat the shit out of England and got into World Cup finals.

Feel free to be amazed.

And come here during summer vacations. Pretty much all hollywood stars already do anyway.


Sad times for me tho… when we scored 5 mins in I thought we had it. We just didn’t have the legs in the end


Yeah, that’s when I nearly got a heart attack. Honestly, I think I’ll remember that moment as long as I live. I thought we’re done.

Nontheless, I think England will actually win the bronze, although all betting systems favour Belgium. Something tells me England will try harder.
As for Croatia, they will certainly go for the gold + Luka Modrić will probably be the best player of the tournament.


Hot take. I like it. It’s gonna be a crazy final!






Welp, looks like I’m not much of a prophet.

Congratulations Belgium!




no more blue star donuts for you, bad boi.


Sad day for all Croats.




That chicken hunts and pecks like a pro.


Hello @mods can someone please delete this post thanks



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good football team , shit country , in our case shit football team Great country , i guess it kinda balances :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: