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You know, there is an old saying in south Europe that goes “Nemoj se praviti Englez!”, which can be roughly translated as “Don’t you pretend to be Englishman!”, and it’s used when you want to humiliate someone because he’s acting igorant and foolish, pretending he doesn’t know any better.

I never believed in any of that, until lately.


did i miss the nail and hit my thumb …no all good here :-1:



iMav meant to type “wouldn’t”


Fujitsu Peerless is the best switch ever.


it’s in the name, it has to be true


/uj fujitsu leaf springs are REALLY nice if you don’t get a dirty board


God damn that’s a spicy meme.

could you shoddily mspaint over “would?”


Here you go, in beautiful golden sharpie


Here’s a thought. If our displays can show 16.7 million colors, how come they can’t display golden? It looks yellowish-kind-of-golden, but definitely not shiny golden.


Actually, what if Input Club disabled the gold color on Keebtalk so they can introduce a gold tier later?

Serious answer: you kinda answered your own question. Gold has a luster to it, which you can’t really reproduce on screens.


maybe one day someone will figure out how


Actually, it’s a conspiracy.


it’s in the name, it has to be true

Exactly this.


I wonder if HDR monitors could approximate that better


New here … what is the Keebtalk gang sign and secret handshake? Nobody shown me yet!


That’s because you’re not verified yet.


What exactly is being verified? Is it like the verifications on reddit where they post a nude holding a cardboard with the date on it ?


It’s more complicated than that. You’ll have to tatoo special symbol on your left ass cheek. More on that when you deserve it.



You walk up really close to someone and whisper in their ear: “Hail Massdrop!”