Should I buy this as my first keeb - A noob questionnaire from responses on a r/MechMarket post


Good morning (?) all! To to make this short and sweet, I’m looking for assistance essentially making sure I don’t get screwed or make the wrong decision. I made a post this morning on r/MechMarket (pic of post above), and instead of posting here 100 times asking about different products I wanted to start a thread to post up what I get offered and ask what you all think, and if it’s a good deal or not. Being brand new I’m afraid of someone charging me a ridiculous amount for some of this stuff.

I’ll be posting what I’m offered that I’m interested in below and questions about the items. I appreciate all feedback on these! Thanks!



This was the first thing I’ve been offered this morning. Here are the pics as well

I dunno, it’s not a ripoff but I would think 175$ with the caps would feel better.


I agree, and I could always negotiate that with him too. I just didn’t want to get a shitty build and spend that much really.


Um, what about something like these? This way all the scruffs will be your own and you can mod it yourself. The switches you’re after are super common and should be in-stock everywhere.




I’m with @ajoflo on this one; r/mm is like Diagon Alley - it’s really only safe to go there if you know exactly what you’re after and what price you’re willing to pay. It can be perfect for finding pieces of kit no longer on the retail market, but introduces lots of risk for more freeform shopping.

If the perfect thing floats by on r/mm, by all means go for it - just know the used keeb market rarely offers a deal favorable to the buyer.

At least for a first good keeb to get your learn on with, there are more good “entry point” options out there now than ever - and plenty of them are good enough to satisfy long-in-the-tooth enthusiasts as well.


Yeah after thinking on it I really don’t think I would have been happy with that purchase. That’s a lot for something I didn’t customize and also a case I really am not a huge fan of. Silver is not my thing lol.

oooo thanks for the options! I’ve been trying to find good kits that are at a decent starting price point that won’t be disappointing as a starting point

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I actually just got hit up about a KBD67 Lite R2 someone is selling. Still waiting on price and pics but I’m liking the transparent case especially if it’s the Tiffany. Any thoughts on that?

If the price is good, might be worth considering. I’m a big fan of the 67L myself - I think it’s just about the best sounds and feels for the MSRP, which is $109 barebones.

If they mark it up at all, though, I’d say just wait and get the R3 that’s going into group buy soon on KBDFans. From what I can tell R3 is identical to R2 but with more color options. R1 had a slightly different plate but is otherwise the same too.

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Eh they were wanting a good bit and it wasn’t in a color I was wanting out of the pick yeah. I actually found this - KBD 67L R2 Transparent Tiffany so it’s between this (if it’s a good buy in your opinion), or the [Pre-Order] Freebird60 Full Kit | KeebsForAll that @ajoflo was recommending in that list they sent.

The markup is a little high on the KBD67L, but after shipping from KBDFans which tends to be painfully high at like $25, it’s only like $15 more than MSRP. Up to you to determine whether the convenience is worth it - it was for me when I bought my Aurora at a markup, anyway.

The FreBird60 looks cool, too - it looks to me like it would have the edge when it comes to material quality and a premium look on your desk, but I’ll hazard a guess that the 67L will have the edge on typing feel and sound.

The FB looks to have burger “gasket” rings to improve the standoff mounting, but between the two I’d choose the edge-sandwich “gasket” mounting the 67L has.

Based off what you said in this whole reply, I do agree that the FB would look better and it definitely looks like it has a good weight to it, but I like both of them looks wise and if the 67L is going to have the better sound most likely than I’ll probably go with that when I get paid next

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Well I spoke too soon. Just realized the only available version of the R2 is the Bluetooth and that’s not happening lol. Oh well.