Should I upgrade?

Hi. I got my gk61 with stock case and plate and gateron blacks. Should I upgrade that case for a tofu and a plate or should I buy a new one like kbdfans67lite.


What are you hoping to do? What do you like/not like about your current board?

KBDFans67Light at a glance seems like a lateral move for $109. (plus you would still need keycaps and switches)

I kind of like the idea. At $109 it is a relatively small investment cost into custom boards but that also comes with some desirable features. As stated above, you would still need to get switches, and keycaps, but to me that’s where the real fun is to be had. Also it being hotswap means it can serve as a tester for different kinds switches you may acquire over time.


Dropping a PCB onto the Tofu case with your plate of choice, assuming they’re all compatible is easier and probably cheaper than buying the KBD67 Lite. On the flip side, the KBD67 Lite has hot-swap sockets, has extra keys and is programmable.

The KBD67 Lite would be an upgrade for sure, but so is getting a metal case for your GK61. They’re both decent upgrade paths, but they’re also very different from each other.

I would only upgrade if u really want to and the tofu case is a great choice i got the acrylic version

Do you want to upgrade?

How much of an upgrade does it need to be to be considered, “worth it” to you?

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Depends what you like. I’d take some time to feel out the GK, and identify what things about it you do and don’t like. If you find yourself wanting features or aspects it lacks, it might be time to upgrade.

For me, the GK’s make perfect switch tester boards while being decent and solid enough to daily drive as well. I probably use my GK more than anything else I own for that reason. When I’m looking for an especially pleasant typing experience, though, I do look elsewhere.

The KBD67L offers more keys and a much thockier, more consistent sound and feel. Because of the flexy nature of it, though, I’m less inclined to swap switches frequently - ideally swapping switches in that board involves taking it apart and supporting the sockets during installation to reduce wear and tear. That said, it’s hands-down my current favorite keyboard.

The NK65s are also great boards, but one thing I would not use them for is switch testing - the plate grips some switches very tightly.

Dropping your GK in a Tofu will add satisfying weight and plant it on the desk, but it may also make the sound more high-pitched and harsh.


You keep hyping this board so I finally caved and ordered one :sweat_smile:


Fellow GK61 user here, before thinking of upgrading it’s good to think about what you use the mech keyboard for. If you don’t completely “hate” the keyboard, I would recommend doing some mods first:

  1. Replace the stock stabs with some Everglide Panda plate mount stabs, ensure they are lubed
  2. Get a nice, thicker set of keycaps
  3. Replace the case with an aluminum one (a number on taobao/aliexpress)

Personally, I think an alu case will make the keyboard feel a lot more premium. Getting something plasticky like KBD67 Lite won’t feel as nice. Sure, the typing feel and sound may come off as a nicer experience, but somehow the density and heft of a metal case just brings a more premium feeling


I already ordered some durock stabs and deskeys switch films.
I want to get a aluminum tofu from kbdfans but I heard that it will give a pingy sound.

And I’m waiting for enjoypbt ramenstop extras. Unfortunately I missed gb but they are so niceee.

same I heard so much that I went and got it instead of the gmmk pro

You can mitigate the aluminum case ping with some case foam (sorbothane or neoprene if you can, otherwise simple packing foam or shelf liner works too)


Or make a silicone dampener but it’s a bit expensive.

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