Show me your favorite QMK hacks!


Oh shit that’s really clever! I really like that a lot. Nice work!


I just might have to steal that idea as well. :slight_smile:


I’ve been thinking: can QMK macros can be used to cheat on exams? What’s stopping you from flashing notes or even half your textbook (depending on how much memory you have) as a macro? They’ve let me use a mechanical keyboard on an exam multiple times before. I’ve never needed to cheat, thankfully, but it’s something interesting to think about.



But storing a lot of text is very … expensive. It uses a lot of space on the firmware. And most boards are using the ATmega32u4 controller, which means you have 10k of space, MAX for that stuff.


That sounds cool, can you share how to do that?


That’s plenty. You can fit all the notes you’d ever need in that (unless you’re completely clueless as to what’s on the exam).


All of my code … well, most of it, is up in the QMK repo for all to see and use. :slight_smile:

Mostly, it’s this block:

And this:


I say "at most, because … well, my boards have 100B or less free. So … I’d have to change a bunch around, just to do this.


Of course, what we’re talking about here is something that you would do a separate, dedicated build for. You would remove everything you normally use and just have the macro(es).


Yeah, but that means giving up audio and rgb support. I’m not sure how I feel about that.



I don’t think you understood what I meant. I was talking about specifically flashing a layout to go to an exam and cheat :smiley:


Oh, no, I got that.

But … I love my RGB and audio clicks too much, I think. :smiley:


Nice idea. Is your configuration available somewhere? Thanks


I work on a mac and windows laptop simultaneously. I have a key on all my QMK boards to swap between Windows and Mac layouts. For instance GUI and Control swap so I can hit the same key combo for things like copy on both mac and windows.

On larger boards with more funkyness built in, I hold “Insert” to activate my layer switching, and have each layer assigned to a number. I do this on the highest order layer, and have my Insert key tap/hold programed into the base with transparent layers on every other layer. So no matter what layer I am on I can swap to the layer I want on demand without trying to figure out what layer I’m on to deactivate.

Does anyone know if tap/hold supports tap dance for the tap portion? I’ve been meaning to try switching my LShift/Esc key to LShift/TapDance(LShift, Esc) so I don’t accidentally tap ESC when I don’t mean to.


Damn so I’m finally going through this thread… y’all are smart. I need to find ways to integrate a lot of these cool lil’ tricks not only into some of my keyboards, but my day to day workflows!


@BestUndecided You mean like this:


@larsen You should be able to do that with tap dances.

Specifically, the ACTION_TAP_DANCE_DOUBLE action.


YES! Exactly that. Thanks


You’re very welcome!


That would work as a layer toggle too?
Because i use capslock as backspace/fn and when going down to 40% i’d love to doubletap and hold capslock to have another layer with my numbers under the homerow…