Show me your favorite QMK hacks!


I have ergodox (split 60), whitefox (65%) or minivan(40%) versions. Do you have a preference for that example?

I’ll push one up to a public repo after work and share it here


I guess the Whitefox.
I’m planning on building a 60% with a DZ60.

Thank you!


here’s a repo with couple keymaps.


Thank you very much!
This have been really useful.

If I understand correctly from the way you do it, you are not persistently changing the default layout but toggling on/off the Windows and/or Gaming layers over the default Qwerty.


yea. I’m not sure if there is a more official way to do it, but just throwing them on top works well. The trick is to make sure you always have a way back to the base layer. TO() is a good function for this since it goes right to that layer and deactivates all others. I have found having my highest layer be a pallet for “base” layer switching is handy since it can always be accessed and its easy to remember.

For base layers, make sure you don’t use a momentary toggle. And you can only access layers above your current active layer. So if you have Base1, Base2, Base3, you cannot access Base2 with Base3 active.You either have to deactivate Base3 or use something like TO that goes directly to a layer and automatically deactivates those above it.


So was looking at docs today, and realized there is a “Set the base (default) layer” keycode (DF).

Likely worthwhile to use

Instead of


At the end I did it with the set_single_persistent_default_layer inside the process_record_user


Ah so the difference being that the way you did it sets it in a way that persists if the keyboard loses power, whereas DF only persists until the keyboard loses power.




Through the QMK function that lets you do different things with taps rather than holds, it has allowed me to use an Alpha as my daily driver for most of the past month.


impressive. i don’t think i’m ready to put space on the same row as the bottom row yet, it messes up stagger.


it is certainly a challenge, but i find it lots of fun to use!


oh i also type dvorak so i lose alphas on the bottom row