Show Off Pictures of Your Lesser Known GMK Sets


There are really well known GMK sets out there such as Carbon, Muted, Oblivion, Nautilus, etc. and they get a ton of pictures posted of them (deservedly so, I’ll add). This makes it easy for people to know to insta buy when they redrop.

But there are a ton of lesser known (please don’t read this as bad, I just mean not as many pictures or videos exist of them in the wild) GMK sets out there such as Keyboard & Co., Skidolcha, Monkey, and phantom. Also accent kits count too. I’ve really enjoyed the Eraser pink “Accent Kit Two” caps from Originative.

This is your chance to help document some more picutres or videos of these sets if you got 'em. If you’re not sure if it’s a lesser known set, show it anyway. As long as there are pretty pictures I’m a happy camper.

I’ll kick this off… “Accent Kit Two - Eraser Pink (3C)” from Originative.


I dont think it is lesser known, but certainly less talked about. The original Triumph Adler kit sold on Massdrop in 2015 was the first GMK set to have custom colors, but the set had numerous issues like bad double-shots, poor packaging/shipping and inaccurate colors to the vintage set it was styled after.

As a result, Triumph Adler 90, the successor ran after and had fixed all the issues of the original, leaving the older 2015 set to fall by the wayside. I happen to prefer the older sets colorway and picked up a good set for a good price on mechmarket.


I hardly see Yuri anymore, I didn’t like the renders that much and wasn’t sure why I bought it, but after having it in person it’s one of, if not my favorite GMK colorway; here’s a pic of it with mediocre lighting, It’s really hard to capture on camera.


I look around on r/mm every now and then for a decently priced Yuri set. Hard to pick up, indeed.


LZ-organized GMK Blue on White:


Honestly never even knew about this set. That’s pretty neat


To add onto @dwarflemur’s remark on Yuri:


We need a good pic of GMK soware for sure here, it’s such an interesting set you rarely ever see around


I don’t think I have a good pic with me rn, but violet tendencies is a nice one too


Here’s a photo of soware that I dug up from my catalog. Not mine and I don’t know who to give credit to so… there you go.


Love Phantom. Unfortunately don’t have this board anymore but am hoping to find a new one for this set soon!

I also wanted to shout out GMK Mint Chocholate, but apparently I don’t have a good pic laying around


could be puddsy’s

I know he has a mira and soware :slight_smile:


“True Olivetti” on a Klippe+.


True Olivetti is one of my favorite sets. I’m still sad the Greek Olivetti GB never made it to MOQ :frowning:


I feel ya, man. It was really sad. :frowning_face:


Another bad picture, but I’m vacation right now (with only my surface go keyboard) :sunglasses: Violet tendencies this time. I always end up putting new GMK sets on the ALF when I get them, taking a pic, use it for a week, and put Yuri back on lol


love my true olivetti set. I’ll have to take pictures of mine. It’s on a TX60 blue HHKB layout board


Please, share! We’d love to see!



Wish I had something to add here, but Sky Dolch & Space Cadet are the only two GMK sets I have right now & I wouldn’t consider either one lesser known. Awesome stuff from everyone else though, pretty cool to see these lesser known sets especially the early GMK sets! :+1: :sunglasses: