Significant differences between Wuque/Haimu silent tactiles?

There are a few different versions of the Wuque WS silent tactiles, and some of them claim to have different properties, like the Haimu x Geon HG Yellows which apparently use a different spring and PTFE (honestly I’m a little skeptical?). Are there any major differences between them with regards to keyfeel?

I got a small sample of the HG Yellows, and I really like them, but I honestly don’t like that they’re glaringly yellow…it’s a color I tend to avoid on my keyboards. If they’re not particularly special, I’d rather get a different variety, like the Whispers sold at Cannonkeys. I also have some samples of Epomaker Icebergs, and the Brown version is far less tactile than the Rose, and neither matches the tactility of the HG Yellows.

If there isn’t anyone who can report back on this, I can once I get a few samples in from Wuque.


They all use the same mechanism, yes, but they definitely don’t feel the same. I use the Geon Yellows on my daily driver – they have slightly more tactile feedback than the Whispers or WS Silent Tactiles, IMO.

Taking a few I have on hand apart, they seem pretty similar.

Main differences I can tell:

  1. The Geon Yellow’s use a longer (18mm) spring vs. the WS and Whispers (14mm)
  2. The material for the WS housing is different from the Yellow and Whisper – it’s slightly stiffer and has a more matte appearance vs. the shiny of the Yellow and Whisper. I don’t notice much of a difference in the sound but you/others might.

If you’re willing to spring swap, then it would be almost exactly the same. But in stock form, the longer spring for the Yellows does make a difference.