Silencing the Novatouch


When lubing the stems, I hear generally PTFE telfon lube is good. There are many in the market, has anyone tried this :

or this (dunno why the preview shows a 1 gallon jug, I’m talking about the 8oz bottle)


Since this has been revived. I think the silencing matter has been closed, but something that nobody mentioned above is the soft-landing pad from EK made thinner by putting them under a clothing iron. I do not yet have these, but from some reviews and opinions here and there, they are pretty good at silencing without losing tactility, since they can be made thin with the ironing. What do you guys think?


I’ve done it and it sucks. It’s hard to do, takes forever, and the results are inconsistent. Kbdfans silencing rings are so much better.


Interesting, what domes you use?




I lubed my sliders with Trybosys 3204, used kbdfans silencing rings and did fill up the case with foam used to silence pc cases and replaced the domes with bke lights. It’s awesome. <3
Good luck.

I only have a seating problem on my ] key, that does register only on every third keypress probably because the spring is moved and i have witnessed som slight spring ping on some keys, but only if i really listen for it…


Does trybosis actually make any difference ? or will any silicone lube do ?


Has anyone tried the silencing rings from Keyclack? I’ve been wondering how they stack up to KBDfans and Hyperspheres.


I don’t know if it’s the same with the Novatouch, but I took the time to install some dampening foam in my Norbaforce and it helped muting the slightly hollow sound it had before. Now it’s much more thocky. Definitely recommended.


I have foam incoming… I also got some tribosys and and some plain old silicone lube with ptfe(Dupont ), and kbd fans silencing rings… Waiting for the foam to open up the keyboard.

First time opening up a topre. A bit wcree about the springs in the domes and putting everything back together.


Hey guys, I might be a bit off topic but is there a way to make the novatouch programmable ?


With a TMK/QMK USB-USB converter


Thanks, I allready got that one :slight_smile: Just going to have to settle with it being external and that I have to reconnect the board to it every time I restart my laptop/pc.

It’s a bummer though


You can also get one of those converters at 1 up keyboards, and they work like a charm !


Link pls !
I know about the CM QFR controller but does it work for Novatouch?


No, unfortunately not.

I am working on a smaller USB-USB controller though, and I wanted to also make a replacement breakout as the cooler master ones are a bit crap, so it might be that you could wire it internally.


So why do you have to reconnect after a restart ? Is that an OS thing ? I use macOS and Linux, and works without issues. I hope I can one day find a case with enough space to make the whole thing “internal” to a case though.


Update: I purchased and installed the KBD silencing rings. While I can’t compare them to hypersphere, I they worked great and I have no regrets going with the less expensive alternative. While I had the thing disassembled I lubed the stems with my tried and true Krytox, but I think it only made a marginal difference since it was so smooth to begin with.

Silencing rings are almost a must with Topre boards, now that I know what a difference it makes.


I bought an FC660C and HATED using it until I put KBDfans silence-x rings on it. Which is funny because my Norbaforce is unsilenced unlubbed but the plate is thicker so the upstroke wasn’t as high pitched and annoying as the 660c. My Novatouch needed to be silenced too and totally agree that silencing is a MUST for Topre.