Silencing the Novatouch


I just got a Novatouch TKL, and put some SA caps on it. These are super rattly, especially the mods, but the alphas as well. Is this expected ? I read some posts on GH about the novatouch being rattly. Perhaps its got to do with the fact that these are hi profile caps. I havents had time to put on a GMK set on this yet, or an ePBT set.

Can some of you weigh in with thoughts on how normal this would be , or ideas to address this ?
So far I’ve gone through this :

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I would install silencing rings like these
This removes most of the upstroke sound

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I’ve used Hyperspheres for silencing my NT. A cheaper alternative would be the KBDFans silencing rings as pointed out by Fsund. My NT’s stabs are lubed too

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What are hyperspheres ?

KBDFans rings are arguably better. They don’t feel as mushy but provide similar silencing benefits. They are thinner which is incredibly important for Topre boards where rings that are too thick ruin the tactility, as the tactile bump on Topre boards is at the top

Although I’ve never installed silencing rings on a Novatouch (I’m actually waiting on my order of silencing rings for my Novatouch), I recently did it on my Realforce 88U, and the result was amazing. Can’t wait to do the same to the Novatouch!

The NT stabilizers will get a generous application of lube when I have it open.

That video on kdbfans sure sounds promising. I just ordered switches from them a couple of days back. I’m gonna find something else also well to get the free shipping :slight_smile:

I was trying to keep my NT stock for as long as possible to appreciate the feel out of the box compared to my RF 87U. But After putting on SA caps I did notice it was much louder and clackier like you said than my ePBT set and got some silence-x rings right after. The effect was nothing short of amazing. It feels like a different board because its much more pleasant to hear and it’s been my favorite board ever over my 87U.

I also generously lubed the stabilizers but not the switches themselves with dielectric grease to remove the rattle which was worse the clacking from the regular keys. I hate high pitched noises coming from my keyboard so the nice low bumpy thock I have now is perfect.

Hyperspheres are similar to the KBDFan rings but of better quality. Of course, they cost significantly more too

Where do you buy Hyperspheres? I have a Novatouch as well and have the same issue.

I bought mine on eBay.

Others already mentioned silencing rings, that definitely helps with silencing the upstroke and quieten the keyboards. I know cause I have them installed on both my Norbaforce and my Novatouch.

On the other hand, the rattle / scratchiness is only solved by lubing and lubing Topre is so much easier when comparing to MX switches. You only need to do the rails on the housing and disassembling the slider from the housing is a cake-walk.

People have been singing praises of Tribosys 3204 so you should try that or the newer & thinner version Tribosys 3203. Personally I used Krytox 105 for normal keys and Krytox 205 for stabilized keys as it is much more economical and easier for me to buy. Good luck!

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Any idea how the quality is better? Is quality control or the material used? There’s definitely a big difference in price.

I haven’t used or seen hyperspheres, but was very pleased with the result after installing kbdfans version.

It’s subjective. I have a Novatouch with Hyperspheres and a Novatouch with KBDfans silencing rings. I prefer the sound and feel of the KBD version.

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At $20 for 120 pcs it’s definitely worth giving the KBD ones a try. The hyperspheres look like there around $80 for around the same number.

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I just ordered them from KBDFans, and also some lube from switchtop. Lets see, I’ll update once I get to put them on.

BTW - I’m assuming that dampening foam is not going to make any difference for Topre, since the rubber domes give a good cushioning ?

I haven’t heard of anyone adding foam inside a Topre board. If you add it, I’d be interested to hear about your findings.

I put a very thin layer of foam in my Norbatouch and it did get rid of some reverberation that was going on but honestly It might also have just been in my head. There isn’t much excess sound to dampen to be honest