Silencing upstroke of stabs


@Walkerstop, do you have a link to the o-rings you bought? I’m interested in trying this out. Nice find by the way. The keyboard in your video sounds great.


Yes, here are the ones I bought
uxcell 100Pcs 4mmx1mm Nitrile Rubber O-rings Heat Resistant Sealing Ring Grommets Black


Ok I get it now that you’ve shown us what the mod itself is. Also I realize why the unmodded one sounded a little better to me in your original videos. I was focusing on the overall sound & honestly paying more attention to the bottom out (kinda dumb of me considering the post title, LOL! :crazy_face:) Although seeing this video & hearing a few more typing test from you has convinced me to give this mod a shot, as it does definitely definitely silence the upstroke pretty well.

As far as the band aid mod, I’ve pretty much given up on that. I’ve tried band aid pieces (no real difference in bottom out feel or sound IME & a huge dirt/dust magnet), electrical tape (again no real difference in bottom out feel or sound IME & a huge dirt/dust magnet also), then switch films (still no real noticeable difference in bottom out feel or sound IME, but not so much of a dirt/dust magnet). The silicone pads are something I never thought of which might make an appreciable difference in bottom out feel or sound & shouldn’t be a dirt dust magnet. Think I’m gonna give this a try on my next build using MX switches! :metal:


Thanks for the videos! Currently dealing with some upstroke noise for the first time on a build, and the detailed discussion of the causes is very helpful.


FWIW, I just tried the 0.5mm thick pads in a build for all of the stabilizers, using the 6.3mm center cutouts exclusively. The stabs were clipped. I didn’t notice any reduction in travel. I’ve used vinyl electrical tape before, and compared to that, I think this has a nicer feel - the vinyl tape muted the sound a bit but didn’t really absorb the impact, whereas these pads absorb just enough impact for the sound and the tactility to seem more consistent with each other, if that makes sense. Hard to beat peel-and-stick for ease of installation, too. I liked them, and will probably continue to use these for other builds going forward.


Some follow-up cautionary advice with the 0.5mm silicone pad mod. For many builds, I’ve been able to get away with placing the pad under the stabilizer housing and having the housing rest on the pad as I screw the stab in; the additional vertical displacement of the stabilizer due to the compressed silicone pad sitting underneath it hasn’t been an issue. Until now. With a Tofu HHKB build, the spacebar wire is close enough to the integrated plate that the additional displacement causes the stab wire to hit the plate.

At least three possible solutions:

  1. Remove the silicone pads and go without this mod, which is what I did for the time being.

  2. Trim the pad so that it fits cleanly within the walls of the stabilizer housing. Doable, but possibly a finicky operation.

  3. Find a thinner silicone pad or sheet, with adhesive.


Wow this looks awesome the upstroke on my space bar is the only “noisy” thing on my M60-A. I’ll try this out on my next build.


Did anyone try this mod with plate mounted stabilizers?


I’ve only used this mod with plate mount stabs. With some PCB mount stabs it allows the stab slider to pull out of the housing.

I would suggest trying this mod without the o-ring. It feels better and is still quiet. For PCB mount stabs I’m trying a new, better mod though:


Nice, I’ll give it a try without the orings on a tada68 I have around.

Yeah, I saw that second prototype, that’s how I found out about this one, however it looks quite complicated, I don’t think I can pull that one out :slight_smile: