Silencing upstroke of stabs

What do you think of this mod I came up with?

I think this will be nice for my keyboards that use silent switches. You can already silence the downstroke somewhat using the band-aid mod or silicone adhesive pads. This mod makes the upstroke quieter.

Let me know what you think! I am going to do my MX Zilent keyboard and see how it sounds after this treatment, should be significantly quieter.


One nice thing about this mod if you’re on a budget is that it can give a big improvement in sound even if you’re using the low quality stabilizers that came with the keyboard. As an example, here is a video of a GMMK TKL where I did this mod on the stock stabs that came with the keyboard, which everyone knows are not very good:

Of course, it sounds even better with genuine GMK or Cherry stabs, or probably Zeal (haven’t tried it yet with Zeal stabs)

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I can’t find the mod. Am I being silly? What did you do?

It’s depressing that it’s the middle of 2018 and improving stabilizers is still the customers responsibility.


I agree, the RAMA stabs seem to be obviating this problem.

KMK Labs.

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The return key sounds pretty good compared to the backspace, what is the mod though? Or are you holding out on us with this one @Walkerstop! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You were supposed to like the sound of the backspace more than the Enter key lol… The backspace is the modded one. I guess this mod isn’t for you xD

For me, I like it better when the upstroke of the stab doesn’t make a loud noise. That’s what this mod does. It’s more helpful on a keyboard that has silent switches, but even on a non-silent keyboard, I think it makes for a cleaner sound, less added noise from the stabs. For example here is my Tofu with this mod, you might notice you can hear the pure clicks of the linear key switches more, there is less variation of sound:

Compared to before the mod:

I think even the downstroke is quieter on the stabilized keys, after watching that video… I really need to test this on my MX Zilents keyboard.

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I’m almost positive he meant “what did you do exactly to mod it”, not “which key has been modded”

Regardless, I do like this mod. I don’t necessarily think it’s quieter but it sounds better. It’s a deeper sound without the upstroke.

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I will give you my opinion of this mod when you describe what the mod is :wink::laughing:

Lol, honestly the enter key sounds a bit quieter me in the original video, but that may just be because you are hitting the keys so hard. I can definitely notice a difference in these two videos with the modded one being quieter.

Finally got around to doing the video.

Here’s the mod:


That’s a neat idea, putting a little O-ring around the wire into the housing! I might have to try that myself

This look very interesting. I think I’ll be trying this with whatever I end up putting Zilents on.

I don’t get the silicone pad, though. To me it seems like it would be even squishier than the band-aid mod, as band-aid fabric (at least the one I use) is very thin.

Edit: I’ll just post this as a new response.

I personally never tried the band-aid mod but a friend who has, and who tried the silicone pad, told me that the silicone pad felt less mushy. I can’t explain it since I don’t have experience with the band-aid mod. Is the band-aid fabric very soft maybe? Even though it’s thin, if it’s softer maybe that could explain it. Don’t people usually saturate the band-aid fabric with lube also?

Have people tried other alternatives like electric tape or duct tape for a firmer bottom-out while still being a little less loud?

I found a patch of silicone pads I had in a drawer. From what I can tell, they’re pretty much the same as the one you showed in the video (⌀7.5mm × 1mm). These are quite firm, and hitting stabilizer sliders against them on a thin, hard surface produces a muted but plasticky sound. The feel is about the same as with band-aid fabric, but I’d have to try it in a board to say for sure.
However, I feel these may be too thick? They’re at least 4 times as thick as my band-aids. Have you noticed any issues in that regard?

I haven’t had issues with the thickness, but how thick are the ones you’re trying?

I bought the ones I’m using from here:

They are listed as being 0.5mm thick which I believe is not significantly thicker than the stabilizer “cushion” legs that people typically remove, so I think as long as your stabs are clipped, you won’t notice any reduction in travel with these pads

Hmm, I wouldn’t say so. But maybe I’m wrong. It’s so thin that I honestly can’t tell how soft it is.
I haven’t noticed any difference between lube vs no lube on the band-aid, so I just skip it.

Ah, the ones I have are 1mm thick. I believe you mentioned in the video that yours were 1mm as well, but if they’re 0.5, I guess that’s fine.

I think I’ll try this as well in one of my upcoming builds, and I’ll report back. If nothing else, this does seem more convenient than having to cut band-aids (even though it’s not that time consuming).

You should try the band-aid mod and then give us your thoughts on what’s better.

Dang, did I say 1mm thick? I will have to add a correction to the video description! 1mm is definitely too thick. If you used 1mm pads you would notice the reduction in travel I think (unless you are oblivious to such things)

Sorry about that!

To clarify: you use the little cutout in the center that’s ⌀6.3mm, not the entire pad?

That’s what I did on my spacebar. On my other stabs, so as not to waste material, I cut pieces for the ring-shaped pads.