Silent tactile switches

OK, so there are two layers to the logic of building the switch this way.

Objectively, I am not sure about the reliability of cheap OUTEMU housings. I have read about some of the cheaper OUTEMU switches failing after 6-12 months.

So I would prefer to use a housing of known high-quality. The Silent Lemon/Lime stem is unlikely to fail anytime soon, so it should be fine. Placing it in the Boba linear housing may allow for greater long-term reliability.

Subjectively, these are all OUTEMU parts we’re dealing with here. I thought it might be nicer to put the Silent Lime stem in a nicer OUTEMU Boba housing. It should work, right? What would a ‘deluxe’ Silent Lime be like? I would like to use a deluxe Silent Lime.

You’re right about the springs. Gazzew springs are pretty quiet. I think maybe a Gazzew 55 G spring of the type found in Boba switches might be ideal for this Silent Lime / Boba. But I haven’t tried it yet.


Would you recommend this deluxe silent lime? I might consider doing it too since I have few of the lime stems now

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With the stock, unlubed sping? I wouldn’t recommend it just yet.

It’s a bit awkward and noisy with the stock [Lime] unlubed spring.

Properly-lubed with something like a lubed OUTEMU 55 G spring? Maybe. I suppose I’ll have to try that.

BTW do you happen to know what kind of spring the Silent Lime/Lemon uses?

It seems to be very large, resembling some 22mm springs I’ve seen.

I will see if I can try it in the Boba LT housing with a more reasonable OUTEMU or Spirit 55 G spring.

Wondering if anyone here has tried the Gamakay Pegasus switches. I saw a video on the tubes that made them seem quieter than almost anything, and they seem to be totally inexpensive as well.

It is made by Outemu afaik, same silencing method as the Outemu silent lime

Speaking of GamaKay, they have 4 new Outemu made switches and some of them they say are silent. They are made with newer (or different?) Outemu molds so it would be interesting to know how they are

Edit: Nvm, the video in the description indicates that they are not silent

Just FYI, there is an OUTEMU Silent Tactile called “Butter Yellow Pro” available for Black Friday sale.

Part of a “Cream Pro V2” lineup.

I haven’t checked to see where exactly they fit in the lineup, but they are said to be a “Cream Yellow Pro” that is properly factory-lubed [whatever this means, I don’t know.]

I did receive some “Silent Yellow Jade” some time back, and they were okay. Seemed to “ring” less than the early Silent Cream Yellow did.