Silicon Keycaps

Epomaker has announced their next Kickstarter board will ship with 2 sets of keycaps, a standard PBT set in their proprietary GK1 profile, as well a full set of GK2 silicon keycaps.

Supposedly super smooth to the touch.

Could be very interesting!


Very! I stumbled across this recent review. I’ll be on the lookout for some blanks in cherry profile.

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What a neat idea! I love the concept and I think the two-stage caps are a good way to execute it.

This gives me pause though:

That gap between the two legend colors is great for contrast, but also looks like a difficult to clean collection-trough for dust and finger-crud.


These sound awesome, I have a set of these from a long time ago when I thought they were the “jelly pom” thing everyone was obsessed with because it said jelly lmao they are kinda cool but way too flexible, I would love if these ended up being good

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More like… it makes you want to look for alternatives…

But for realsies; I’ve used silicon keycaps before and they’re extremely meh :man_shrugging: We all know o-rings are bad because they add undesirable squish. Why would you want that same undesirable squish as your whole keycap?

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They do instantly change the overall acoustics of a board. Something I’d normally need to swap both switches and keycaps to achieve, maybe even a bit of case foam. The legends are for sure way below par, but some glow in the dark blanks would be migh-ty fine.

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