Simple switch lube station

Designed this to help me out. Figured i would make it available to anyone that might one to print it. Thingiverse link:


very nice!



Definitely an awesome lube station! The only thing I would change on it to better suit my personal use would be to give a little more space between the rows vertically. Seems a bit cramped for lubing the the stems with the bottom housings so close on the vertical axis. Although I have always been a bit hamfisted when working in tight spaces, so I doubt that would be a big issue to many others. Wish I had a maker space near me so I could give this a shot, I’ve been in desperate need of a proper lubing station for quite awhile now. Anyways awesome work @holtenc!

Thanks! The picture you see here is actually an old iteration. The new version has more vertical spacing and switch top assembly without taking the switch base out. I just didn’t have a picture of the new version that was fully loaded with switches. If you look at the thingiverse post the empty station has more vertical spacing. I’m happy to print one for you. PM me and we can discuss details if you’re interested.

Here’s a quick snap of the new version with a couple switches in it.