SKOG lite

What a looker!

Welp, I guess I won’t get starbucks for a few months now.


I hope the PCB turns out alright

You had mentioned issues with the Skog pcb, what exactly were the problems with it?

A lot of people reported low build qualities unfortunately. Both physically, and with interacting with the PCB in the programming side. A lot of people who got one from the canoe were a bit disappointed.

From all of that, I would hope that Percent has learned their lesson and improved quality though because this is a pretty neat board.

that looks pretty nice, good selection of colorways. that green is super nice. i kinda wish that the key cluster on the right was even with the F row like on most TKLs. I think it would have looked a lot cleaner imho, and might have been compatible with other TKL PCBs. in case ppl wanted different features that were not on the OEM.

On a separate note than the board itself: I find it facinating that PCB mount is the new fad when just a few years ago it was basically shit on in comparison to a plate mount design. The cyclical nature of this has me worried that this hobby is headed the way of high fashion instead of pragmatic engineering, and we will be caught in form over function loop, absent of innovation or gain (noting that key feel is a functional issue overall).


I mean, I don’t really expect my keyboard to ever do something functionally different than it does today. I press a key and it sends a signal to the computer. What else is it supposed to do? :grin:

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I don’t remember it being shit on but I question what the benefit of PCB mount is other than saving cost. Is it because there’s flex in the PCB which creates a softer typing experience? If so I would still advocate using a switch plate, just a non-stiff one.

Seems like without a switch plate it puts added stress on the PCB.

It’s supposed to bathe your senses in delight right? Minutely softer key depression and switch sound are the hot topics now – wonder what the future holds: case screw texture, indicator led angle, rubber feet geometry?! Such an exciting time to be alive.

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Lol this reminds me of that Sacred Geometry fad. I think an art deco style back design would have me suckered in for sure though.

It’s for sale now and closing gb Dec 10.

Such a long GB period :eyes: I assume they’ll start production before it ends.

I’m down to clown with this.

K, so the Modern Dasher this month, the HB85 for Nov, and SKOG lite for Dec. Plans made. Non one release anything else


So many options!

My hype deflated when I saw mini USB. Ew.

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Anyone know if there’s an LED in that cutout above the arrow key/pgup/pgdn cluster? Considering the price went down to 250, I’ve become way more interested.

Yes it has leds. The canoe cutout has 2 leds there. I assume it’s the same or more

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