Skog Reboot [GB] Nov 30, 2020

8:00am PST.

Good options including rotary encoder, hotswap and Bluetooth options. All supported by VIA

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As someone that still has a Percent Volt that’s missing a battery, has a broken switch (shipped this way) on the PCB, and has tape on the interior screws to prevent the PCB from shorting; I think I’ll be passing on this.

I mean it actually looks like they’ve improved a lot from the Volt, but I don’t think I’ll be spending money with Percent again…


very good point. If the keyboard was more affordable, I wouldn’t mind the problems here and there. However, this will certainly not be cheap. I believe options will run from $420-$450

Sorry for bumping this but I just wanted to discuss/add a few things!

I was initially quite hesitant about participating in the group buy, because I read a lot of bad feedback about their previous products on reddit.
Many spoke of problems with QC, feet, screws, etc.

I wandered around a bit elsewhere, looked over the Percent discord, and in the end I saw that there were quite a few positive reviews and that most people hadn’t had any concerns with their order.
As always, we tend to hear more of a noisy minority than a silent majority :frowning:

I also talked about it with the person who manages the group buy internationally, because it has already taken place in China at the beginning of September and everything has gone well for the moment. They have, from what he told me, greatly improved on certain points. They’re making great efforts on QC, customer service and shipping.
They also changed the manufacturer for the PCBs, and from what he could tell me this one is much more QC aware, and of better quality. They are also currently working on the feet of the Skog-reboot to match user feedback (they still keep this principle of changing angle etc, it’s “just” tweaking).
Again, this is just what I was told, and because it remains “only” words I still have to see how this will go.

However, I am quite confident. I sincerely hope that they are really working on it, but I also know that the Chinese market is very different from the international one, and I think that this may be why they have some issues.

Besides, all this does not mean that I do not understand the point of those who complain. It is quite normal that after having had a bad experience with a brand, people no longer support their products etc … I would surely do the same if it was my case. But I find it disgusting that certain people are trying to scare new buyers, and they even go telling lies and shit on those brands for that.

So, all this text to say that I entered the group buy, and that I’ll wait for the prototypes builds that are coming this week-end to see if they really did improve and listen to people :slight_smile:

If anyone has feedback, good or bad (As long as it’s objective and not just pure hate), I’ll gladly take it!


Can’t add much. But the only Percent board I own is the Special Edition MAO Canoe from the first group buy, and I’ve never had any issues with it. I think it’s a beauty.

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Really glad to hear!
Maybe I’m overthinking or idk haha

I got a canoe the first time they had them on their website and the PCB was super finicky, it didn’t work sometimes, maybe 30% of the time I plugged it in. Everything else was fine and I ended up getting the “Kanu” replacement. Probably wouldn’t buy from them again

Didn’t you get a replacement by percent themselves?

I didn’t try that hard but I emailed them once or twice and never heard back

There was a time when I really wanted a Skog. Percent makes cool stuff in general. I’ve had a couple Canoe PCBs go bad. If your concerned with reliability, maybe pick up some spare parts like an extra PCB. Otherwise go with a tkl from a vendor with a better track record.