Small hands / kids keyboard


any suggestions for a kids keyboard (child age 7+)?
i.e. for small hands


I feel like just a 65% that isn’t too heavy, expensive or precious would do the trick.

Good old Bakeneko comes to mind. Comes in several colors and is durable. Sturdy and basic but can grow with them. My child is younger and is learning to type in school and keeps showing me her finger placement on the home row of my 65%, so I don’t think it’s too much. You can also get them pre-built now, I think for free at the moment.

If you go smaller than 65% you need to get into layers, which probably isn’t going to fly. 65% has arrows; I feel like you need that. TKL might be a little less confusing with the separate arrow/nav cluster block, but they get kinda big, and I doubt the function keys will be used.

I was also thinking the Neo65. It’s less expensive and is probably a nicer finish and otherwise seems comparable (though I am something of a Bakeneko shill). It’s almost 3 lbs due to the external weight, however, and you wouldn’t really build it without that. If the weight isn’t an issue, that could be a nice option. They could get shiny mirror PVD on the bottom :metal:

QK Notion Site for Neo (It’s in-stock)

Less spendy would be the Keychron V2 or Keychron K6. They don’t look as fun, though.

Oh my god. Sorry for the multiple edits, but, depending on your kid, this could be the one.

It’s pre-order…but manufacturing is supposed to wrap up in November. The cat ears can be swapped out for a transparent strip in the kit if desired. CK said on the Discord that Meletrix/Wuque manufactures it, so it should be decent!


Others have covered keyboard size. If it’s specifically hand size you’re concerned about, the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is getting a board with Choc switches. They’re a little tighter than MX so there’s a bit less reaching, but to a certain extent your kiddo may be stuck with oversized keys like the last 40 years of nerds, LOL.


Now that you mention low-profile, I have an early model of this and have been very happy with it, for what it is, as has my non-keyboard-person family member. Looks good, Bluetooth works well, and the scissor switches are easy to press but feel sturdy. It’s only $40, in a few colors.


Anything that’s 1800 perhaps.
My offsprings appreciate the amount of buttons they can press, and the feeling they can get from pressing them.
Also, a Realforce TKL might be a good option. Some children respond very well to the tactility that T O P R E has to offer.


I ended up buying a used
A4tech My Kids keyboard.

It is a keyboard with small keys (truly for kids) and a smaller mouse.

(Funny how some people here suggest adult’s keyboards just because they look like candy. No. No. No. Never. Or that “Some children respond very well to the tactility that T O P R E has to offer.” Yeah… some kids respond well to the backseat of a stretch limousine as well.)

I think I would go with one of the cheaper offerings from Keychron (if I’d run out of unused boards and old IBM Model Ms to donate to the chillums).

Right now the family PC has a well-loved Model M. Takes a licking and keeps on clacking… as opposed to my new model F which takes a licking and keeps on pinging. XD

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