Smash Brothers Ultimate!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am pretty excited to play this tomorrow. I think I will even have to pick up a sub to the Switch online service to show off my (extremely) mediocre smash skills.


I’m down to clown


Maybe it’s just nostalgia but nothing has come close to my experience with super smash bros for N64…

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Im stoked. Can pick it up tonight from best buy at 10pm. Finally I will be reunited with my main, Dr. Mario, who got snubbed in the last one.

Looking forward to playing with people from the community.

I work til midnight so I’ll have to miss all the launch parties unfortunately. I’ll probably head out to WallMart or something and grab it then

Brought it to work and been playing all day with the co-workers.

So. Much. Fun. 10/10

I stayed up until roughly 4am playing it. Much fun. Will do again.

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I’m debating on buying this or the MD Holy Pandas.
I’m leaning toward the pandas and just buying the game next month, but that hype train is still chugging…

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My right thumb hurts so much from playing; ouch.

I heard that the original N64 maps are available? Maybe it’s time for me to get a switch…

They are :eyes: Peach’s Castle N64 map is a blast from the past. They even brought back the 1% damaging bumper in the middle.