Sneaky MX Zilent typing when everyone asleep but you

Someone mentioned that the mic is too close to the keyboard in my previous vid
I moved the mic closer to my head


Very nice silence, LOL! Seriously though they sound really quiet now, I’m taking it you figured out a way to get them to stop clicking. :metal:

I Would say that sounds interesting, but it almost doesn’t sound at all.
So what are the specs on those?
Varmillo Sakura Keycaps?
MX Silent Stems?
What springs? What housings?
Modifications on the spacebar and shift keys?

Not the OP but I’m pretty sure they are Cherry MX silent black stems in Zealio housing, not sure of the spring weighting @Walkerstop is using though.

I dunno how I missed this before but finally replying…

Keyboard is wooden gk64 case with CF plate

These keycaps

MX silent stems, Sprit 78g springs, Aliaz housing, Tribosys 3204 lube

I did this mod to the stabs: Silencing stabs the Walker way - YouTube

I also add silicone caulk to the backside of the spacebar to make it sound less flimsy

I’m lubing a couple of switches everyday (this is my first time lubing/modding switches so I’m super slow) and I’m making that exact configuration, except I’m using the outemu no wobble switch top from the recent GB. I haven’t mounted them but damn they “sound” silent and smooth!

May I ask what keyboard you are using?

Please be careful that the contact leaf (the one with the thinner pin, the one that touches the stem) is fully inserted into the switch housing before you solder the switches. The Outemu tops don’t have the 2 little “teeth” that the Aliaz tops have that hold the leaf down keeping it in position. Shouldn’t matter once the pins are soldered in.

If you are using hot swap, I would consider a different top, because I made this recipe with the Outemu tops and used it in a hot swap board, and some of the switch leaves rode up out of their proper position over time, causing the switches to chatter. I changed to Greetech tops later to solve that problem.

Here is a compatibility matrix for different bottoms and tops and what issues you could run into:


I actually got them based off of your recommendations :persevere: Would have been nice to know before hand :frowning: These will go both in a 60% board with a hotswap pcb and a moon tkl. do you have a picture of what exactely I need to pay attention to? Although at this point I’ll rather keep the entire Aliaz housing and only use that. Your typing sound only has aliaz housing, right?

Yeah I’m really sorry, I actually wasn’t aware of this issue at the time I was recommending the tight tops, I only discovered it later. It’s not a problem for most people because once the switch is soldered down the risk is gone. It’s mainly a concern for hot swap.

My typing test is with the Outemu no wobble tops. I much prefer the feel of the Outemu tops, they create almost no wobble and the sound is cleaner to me.

I felt really bad though that you have these Outemu tops and now you’re not sure if you can safely use them, so I tried to think about how this problem could be solved so that you could still use the Outemu tops. I think I came up with a solution. Please see this gallery:


So looking at the imgur link you gave there, if I do the mod on that pin, I should be good to go even with my hotswap board?

I was planning on using those switches in a Moon tkl (will be soldered so no problem, I can use the outemu switch tops) and in the 60% with hotswap

I only tried it on a few switches but it should be ok