So, I gave my wife a mechanical keyboard

Nothing fancy, a leopold 900. There was some wonder from her coworkers as to why there was such a fuss about a mechanical keyboards. My wife came home that night to tell me that she didn’t much of a chance to use it since her coworker couldn’t stop typing on it.

So, she has moved it to the computer they don’t like using and started asking about artisan caps. If you look at some of my other posts you will see I have a few. It was through a discussion last night that we realized it’s not artisans she wants…it’s novelties. I am not sure which is going to be more costly. Hunting artisans or whimsical novelty sets.

She left for work this morning with the rest of my Necro set.

Oh, I forgot to mention she is the manager of a hardware store, so this is really foreign to their environment.


I tried an old Leopold that my dad bought from a second-hand electronics store for $12 and I was super impressed with it.

What profile / color novelties is she looking for (or does it matter)?


Your Necro Set:


idk, that’s kind of a good board to get someone hooked into the hobby. it’s well built for what it is, and it’s a sober looking board for an “industrial” environment.


She has the blue and gray key caps. So, matching that or something whimsical.

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That was my calculation when I got it for her. Close enough to the company’s colors to pass and I have I 750 that I was using for work for a while, but since she is always entering sku numbers she wanted a full size board.

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