So I spray lubed my MX cherry browns…surprised how good it is :D

Before I start I just want to say that anyone thinking of doing this please keep in mind you are doing it at your own risk as this will void your warranty and potentially damage your keyboard.

So while I was waiting for my soldering iron to arrive from Aliexpress I wanted to lube my Mecha Mini that had brown switches on it. After watching a few videos of others spray lubing their keyboard and videos of what brown switches sound like lubed ,I decided to spray lube my keyboard.

After lubing the switches, i let it sit out to dry for a day and I have to say, I am kind of glad I spray lubed it as the keys feel so much smoother to type on. I believe it even fixed the chattering I was having before as well.

I had some serious pinging with the stock switches and with superlube it helped with that a bit but the most is the buttery feel of typing. I noticed that the tactility went down a bit but its not completely gone.

I am really impressed with spray lubing and cannot wait to try to lube it traditionally with krytox once my soldering iron arrives as I plan on swapping out these switches to Tealios.

Do I recommend you spray lubing? Well that is up to you but if you have a choice to solder, I would go the traditional route but just saying spray lubing works and is an option with the risk I stressed in the beginning.

Anyways I uploaded a video for sound comparison, sorry this is my first video so I have to work on my editing skills lol.

You can check it out here: Spray Lubed Brown switches

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I once filled a bag full of 15 cent cheap switches and sprayed lube in the bag and let them sit for a few days. It also worked. I’d never do it again though it was just an experiment.

I know but I’m gonna switch out these switches anyways. Just wanted to see how spray lubing was first hand. :joy:

Lol yeah I wouldn’t do it again. Just waiting for my soldering iron to arrive :weary:

This a good post. There is nothing wrong with spray lubing as long as you understand the risks. So many people say don’t do it, but not everyone can desolder a whole board. As long as you’re cautious, you can get the same benefits as others.


I fully :100: agree with @djmantis!

This technique has a risk of ruining the switches if you do it wrong, or you are unlucky.
… But if you have a spare keyboard somewere and you want to do something to improve your cheap plastic prebuilt keyboard, why not ?
And it is specially true for people that never desoldered switches from PCBs before, the number of people that ruined their PCB by doing that the first time, with no adequate equipement, is quite significative.
I wonder if spray lubing is a safer approach for newbies…

I do not recommend spray lubing, particulartly to people that know how to desolder stuff.

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Just learn to desolder. It’s not that hard. Besides, you can also muck up your PCB.

I don’t really know if it is safer for noobs, but one reason that I am advocate (if you understand the risk) is how much cheaper is it.

If you want to do it the “proper” way, you are looking at a cheap soldering iron, solder sucker, some solder, lube, lube applicator(brush, etc.), switch cracker…

And all this is suggested to a person that was not able to afford a hotswap board to begin with…

There’s a risk of also ruining your keyboard with soldering.
People burning their pcb or keys not registering etc.

The time it takes as well. Being it was my first time spray lubing I took extra cautious and to spray the whole board (60%) took me almost an hour. Hardest part was trying to match the amount of spray each switch got.
Traditional method which im not looking forward to take at least 3 hours I read?

Traditional lubing will give you the best results, and is safer for people correctly equiped for desoldering job, but as said there is an entry cost and a desoldering knowledge to acquire (that can possibly ruin your PCB the first time you do that).

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True true. I think most of the spray lubing methods I have read/seen have you letting your board “air dry” over night too. Still some time, but obviously less than other methods.

I think my first time lubing, you’re correct, it took about 2-3 hours for a 60%. That was because I was cautious though. Now after having done it a few times, I am a little more cavalier. Bag lubing your springs with oil helps. I have been using

Put all your springs in a zip-lock bag. Add about 5-6 drops. Blow up the bag and shake it like a Polaroid picture.

EDIT: You can save and re-use your “lube bag” for future jobs too. Just add a little more oil each time.

yeah i got krytox 105 to oil the springs in a ziplock bag :smiley:
205 for the stem and housing
permatex for the stabilizers

Aliexpress needs faster shipping omgggg lol